Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crown Brushes Review

Good day all!! I wanted to share with you all my brushes I got from Crown Brush! These brushes are the bomb!!

Crown Brush has different styles/textures of brushes. So I ordered 1 or 2 from almost all the different styles. I've used them all and I am happy so far!! There hasn't been any shedding and they're super easy to clean! (Best brush cleaner: Parian Spirit)

Oh I forgot to mention, the dirt cheap prices!! I think the most one of the brushes cost was like $2 plus a lil change. But the quality is great!! So if you want affordable and gold quality brushes, I recommend Crown Brush!! This has been beauty sweet approved! Xoxo

1 comment:

  1. it has been so long since I have purchased from Crown. Which ones did you like the most? I liked the badger with the red handle but they did shed a bit, but again I got mine over 2 yrs ago so they may have changed.