Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oprah's Hairstylist , Andre Walker's, Hair Products

So I watched Oprah and I absolutely love her!! And she has fab hair too!! So when she finally revealed the hair products she uses and its on sale, I almost freaked!!! (In a good way of course!)

Andre Walker, her fab hair stylist for 25 years has his own hair care line and I will most definitely be purchasing it!!

The retail value is $90 but its being sold online for $65!! Can't beat that!!

You get shampoo, conditioner and q-oil. Check out his website for more details. But her hair looks so healthy so I am going to order these products and experience it for myself. Just wanted to share this all with you and once I get it in the mail, I'll let you all know! So go buy it!!! Xoxo

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