Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Electric!!!

Revlon has a cream shadow called Electric Pop that I love!!! When I saw it at my favorite store Tarjay (Target), I knew this would be a great staple to have in my makeup kit!! Check it out!!

Here are the swatches!

The colors are great but they're not heavily pigmented so you would have to pack it on. They would also work well as an eyeshadow base to make the eyeshadow POP! (Hence the name :) I also noticed that they work well as eyeliners too. Just be sure to set it if you used it as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow by itself so the color stays. The price was affordable too so its a win win situation!!

Check it out yall! It's a multi-purpose set that you will love!! This has been beauty sweet approved! Xoxo

Monday, November 29, 2010

Makeup is Art

Yes makeup is art!! You can do so much with it!! I wanted to play around and create something artsy and pretty. It's simple yet, interesting. I hope you like!!

Love playing with my brushes and with my makeup to create new looks!! You should too!! This has been beauty sweet approved!! Xoxo

And the Color is... Pink!!!!

So anyone who knows me, knows that I love the holidays!! This time of the year is when all the fall colors come out, tans, browns, dark greens... I love those colors but who says you can't sweeten it up a little??!!! I wana spice things up with Pink!!!

Nailpolish is one of my new faves and I got some awesome pinks to add a lil sweetness to this season!!

From left to right, Oasis, Beautiful Girl, Social Ladder

These colors are the bomb!! I love Sinful Colors nailpolish brand and these colors will compliment any skin tone. And yall know I love my sweets so of course....this has been beauty sweet approved!!! Xoxo

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crown Brushes Review

Good day all!! I wanted to share with you all my brushes I got from Crown Brush! These brushes are the bomb!!

Crown Brush has different styles/textures of brushes. So I ordered 1 or 2 from almost all the different styles. I've used them all and I am happy so far!! There hasn't been any shedding and they're super easy to clean! (Best brush cleaner: Parian Spirit)

Oh I forgot to mention, the dirt cheap prices!! I think the most one of the brushes cost was like $2 plus a lil change. But the quality is great!! So if you want affordable and gold quality brushes, I recommend Crown Brush!! www.crownbrush.com This has been beauty sweet approved! Xoxo

Friday, November 26, 2010

San Francisco is Officially Ready for the Holidays

Tonite I went downtown to San Francisco in Union Square to see the tree lighting! It was like the whole city of San Francisco was down there. But it was great to be down there and everyone so excited for the holidays as we all chanted, "Light that tree! Light that tree!"

I was standing in a good location but as you can see, others were packed like sardines. Oh, and I found a good park downtown that I didn't have to pay for which was the good Lord, since free parking downtown and on Black Friday is almost impossible.

The holiday ambiance was definitely in the air, the diversity of people was amazing and there was nothing but happy smiling faces.

The holidays are here and my city is ready!! Xoxo

Love Sonia Kashuk's Holiday Nailpolish

Happy Day After Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday with family, friends and good food!!

So I went to my favorite store today Tarjay (Target) to take advantage of Black Friday. I got a lot of things at great deals. But I must share with you my nailpolish I got by Sonia Kashuk!!

This is her limited edition holiday "Reach For the Stars" Nail Trio.

Here's how they look on my nails.

I love all three colours, shimmery gold, shimmery cranberry and shimmery slate gray! They all have a little shimmer to them. And of course the colours are perfect for the holiday season! The set was only $9.99, great price!!

This set is so pretty and anyone can wear these colours!! So take advantage since it is a limited edition set! This has been beauty sweet approved!!! Xoxo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MAC with Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Lipstick Release 11/26

Yayyyyyy!! So have u ever wanted that beautiful Barbie pink lipstick color Nicki Minaj wears?? Me too!! She teamed up with MAC and her infamous pink lipstick will be available online on Friday!!! Check it out!!

So will I be getting one?Heck yeah!! I'll be getting 2!!! Lol!! Available online only though. Not sure if its a permanent item but let's hope so! So go cop it!!! Lol!! This has been beauty sweet approved!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dramatic Barbie Nicki Minaj Inspired Look

Hey Barbs!! So in honor of Nicki Minaj album release today and the fact that I love playing with colors, I decided to upload a dramatic Barbie inspired look! I hope yall love it!

I used the "Sweet Bitch Paint Wheel" from www.bitchslap-cosmetics.com.

A "Barney" colored purple from Makeup Forever

My lipstick is from NYX.
Sonia Kashuk Sapphire eyeliner.
NYX Milk jumbo pencil.
Nars Orgasm blush.

So I hope all my Barbs and Ken Dolls love this look as much as I do! This look has been beauty sweet approved! Xoxo

Makeup Forever Stocking Stuffer

One of my favorite makeup brands has a great stocking Stuffer for the makeup lovers in your life!!

This is the Rock Forever eye pencil collection. It comes with 5 of their mini eye pencils which are AMAZING!!! The colors are Gold, Copper, Charcoal, Black and Silver. All of these colors are great, they glide on smooth and don't smudge. And it comes in a great little case. The best part is, its only $36!! Their individual pencils go for $17 I believe so this is a great deal!

This is an amazing stocking stuffer with some great basic eyeliner colors. I hope you surprise a fellow beauty adding with this, as it will definitely make their eyes POP!! <b>Get it??</b> Nevermind, lol!!!

This has been beauty sweet approved!! Xoxo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Lashes Are Here!! Finally!!

Happy Saturday everyone!! So I'm super excited because my lashes that I ordered almost 3 weeks ago are finally here!! Yay!!! I'll explain why it took almost 3 weeks later. Sheesh!...

I ordered them from www.lightinthebox.com . I was tired of buying a dozen of lashes at a time so it was time to buy in bulk and as a makeup artist, bulk is better!! I got 50, count it now, 50 sets of lashes for about $17. That's a steal!!! So of course I took advantage. Check em out!

There's 5 different lash styles and 10 of each style. They're synthetic hair lashes also. So excited!

They shipped from China which is why it took forever. But they're here and I can't wait to use em up!! These have been beauty sweet approved!! Xoxo

Oprah's Hairstylist , Andre Walker's, Hair Products

So I watched Oprah and I absolutely love her!! And she has fab hair too!! So when she finally revealed the hair products she uses and its on sale, I almost freaked!!! (In a good way of course!)

Andre Walker, her fab hair stylist for 25 years has his own hair care line and I will most definitely be purchasing it!!

The retail value is $90 but its being sold online for $65!! Can't beat that!! www.andrewalkerhair.com

You get shampoo, conditioner and q-oil. Check out his website for more details. But her hair looks so healthy so I am going to order these products and experience it for myself. Just wanted to share this all with you and once I get it in the mail, I'll let you all know! So go buy it!!! Xoxo

Friday, November 19, 2010

Basic Natural Look

Happy Friday yall! So my good friend wanted tips on how to do a basic look since she doesn't wear makeup often.(Side note: I've seen her with makeup on and she is freakin GORGEOUS. But she's beautiful with or without makeup :)
So here's my take on a simple easy everyday look.

In my opinion, for basic natural looks, stick to Matte colors, colors with no shine or frost to them. Also colors close to your skin tone so it looks natural. The goal is to still look natural but just enhancing your beauty and features.

I used a total of 3 eyeshadow colors. All from MAC.

I forget this name but its a pale Orange color which I used on my bottom lid.

MAC's Texture which I used on my full crease.(The middle part of your eyelid)

MAC's Night Maneuvers from their Style Warrior collection (in my corner crease)
I also used MACs Painterly Paint Pot as an eyeshadow base.

Here's how it looked after I applied the colors.

I used dark brown eyeliner at the top and I lined my bottom with the dark brown. Again, dark brown on my skin tone is more natural. Using black eyeliner would have given my eyes a more dramatic look.

Then you add your mascara, I used Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express, and lipgloss, I used Elf's Goddess, and you're done!!

I hope this helps and I hope you all love it!! Any questions let me know. This has been beauty sweet approved!! Xoxo
For Ciara :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Benefit's Limited Edition Scents

Anyone who knows me knows I love perfume!! And I love benefit cosmetics. So when I heard about their limited edition scents I had to find out the buzz!!

The collection is called Crescent Row Limited Edition. And it features 4 new fragrances.

I love them all but I wanted to try a couple first before I bought the single bottle. So I purchased the purse size edt "Laugh With Me Lee Lee" and with my purchase I was given a sample of "So Hooked on Carmella".

The Lee Lee fragrance is a very fresh and flirty scent. It's not heavy at all. It's not a floral scent either. Beautiful scent! The Carmella is a very romantic scent. If you love the smell of Caramel or Vanilla, you're going to love this one! It's slightly heavy but not so much. It's definitely not an overbearing smell.

The small Edt was $12 individually. The set of 4 is $36. And the bigger individual EDT's are $36. I purchased them at Sephora inside JC Penny's and on the back of my receipt I got a coupon for 15% my next purchase! Yay! It can be used in JC Penny's or Sephora.

These products are beauty sweet approved!!

MAC's Painterly Paint Pot is a MUST

Greetings!! So yesterday I went to the MAC pro store because I've been itching to get the Painterly Paint Pot. And boy oh boy am I glad I got it!

Oh how I love this!! Its creamy but at the same time it doesn't crease which is a super plus! The color to me is like a dull pink/beigy color. It'll be great as an eyeshadow base or just by itself.

I used it as a highlight and by itself on my lid. Overall I'm pleased as ever!! So go get it!! You will love it!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Black Palette Look

Happy Wednesday all!! So here's my take on The Black Palette from Urban Decay. Of course you can do it anyway you like. I used other colors on my eye as well to jazz it up a little. Hope you like!

Lid: Cobra (from palette, bottom row, middle color)
Full crease: Jet (from palette, top row far right color)
Eyeliner: NYX Currant Pencil
Waterline: NYX Yogurt Pencil
Inner eye: NYX Milk Pencil
Eyeliner : Black Dog ( from palette, top row first color, to add the smokiness)

The colors are very pigmented! I didn't need to use much to get the coverage I wanted on my eye.
This is great for a smokey eye or a dark dramatic look. On my skin, the.colors were true to how they look in the palette as well. Overall, great investment!!

Please leave comments, questions or feedback! Thank you everyone!! Xoxo

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review for Urban Decay's "The Black Palette"

Hello everyone! So I just purchased Urban Decay's "The Black Palette" and I simply love it!! So here's the packaging and the colors.

As you can see all the colors are dark and slightly glittery. It comes with a primer potion and their "Zero" color eyeliner. The eyeliner glides on super smooth too! It has a good sized mirror connected to it as well for your convenience.

Here are the swatches, going from the top row, left to right, then going to the bottom, left to right.

The colors are very very pigmented which is something I love about Urban Decay. These are all great colors to use for a smokey eye! I will post pics up of a look I will do using these colors. Hope u all enjoy because this is a great palette!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My First Blog !

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to my blog, A Beautiful You! Since I am a makeup artist, I will post my reviews of makeup products, there will be video tutorials, reviews of body products, skin care, motherhood and all things beautiful. Makeup and all things girly are my faves!! There not much here yet but I just wanted to welcome you all to my blog. I hope you enjoy and you will all be in for a sweet treat! Xoxo