Monday, January 3, 2011

Keyshia Dior's Secret Kisses Lipstick Line!!!

So we all know the beautiful model, actress, stylist and entrepreneur Miss Keyshia Dior!!! When she stepped on the scene as "Lisa" in Timbaland feat. Drake "Say Something" video as well as gracing some of the most popular magazine covers, we knew she was the next superstar and beauty queen!!! But how could we miss those vibrant lip colors she wears!!!

So as a makeup artists who is always on the lookout for the next hottest makeup product, when I found out about this new line I knew I would be an advocate for this!!! (Thanks Keyshia for thinking of us makeup artists and lipstick lovers) Secret Kisses is the name!!!! And ima wear it out!!!

It features 15 vibrant , stunning and eye catching colors. Names like foil, seductive and its a girl are just a few of the names of the lipstick shades that accurately describe the colors. The price is $14.99 each which is super affordable and if you preorder now before the release date February 11-14, you get 3 for $40!!! Yay!!! So did I preorder mine?? Heck yeah I did!!! Here's more pics of Miss Dior rockin her hot new lipstick!!

Once I get them I will do swatch reviews as well as a YouTube tutorial using them. I plan on getting all 15 shades too!!!

So there you have it!! Miss Keyshia Dior Sweet Kisses Lipstick!! Preorder and I'm sure this will be a lipstick we will fall in love with!!! So don't keep this a secret!!! Share it with the world!! This has been beauty sweet approved!!! Xoxo


  1. Omg...I am completely in love with Ms. Diors lipsticks. The yellow is straight madness, and the turquoise is insane! Thanks a million for this blog =)

  2. I luv those colors!! I can't wait to purchase them !!