Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NYX Cosmetics Valentine's Bundle

Ladies are you ready for the day of love???? Whether you are or not, makeup always makes your day brighter and lovable :) So if you love NYX like I do, they have Valentine's Day bundles with an assortment of items at a super great price!! Check em out!

Normally $50.50, on sale for $27.00!!

Normally $48.50, on sale for $25.00!!

Normally $27.50, on sale for $15.00!!

Normally $39.00, on sale for $20.00!!

Wow these bundles are amazing with great items included in the set. And the price is amazing as well!!

Unfortunately the pro discount can't be applied to these bundles but its okay because the prices are still affordable!

Check out their website, , for specific details of the items included in the 4 different bundles!! So hurry and get your bundles because I'm sure these are in high demand!

May your Valentine's Day and every other day be filled with an abundance of happiness and love! This has been beauty sweet approved!! Xoxo

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