Friday, February 11, 2011

O.P.I. Black Shatter Nailpolish by Katy Perry...Finally!!

Yipeeeeeeee!! Okay so I know I'm late to blog about this but oh well lol! The infamous O.P.I. Black Shatter Nailpolish has finally come to my possession!!!

My friend purchased this from a hole in the wall store because we haven't been able to find it anywhere in San Francisco and they only had 1 in stock. (Check her out and subscribe to her on YouTube saniescloset or jelloshotsani)!! We both have been wanting it to see exactly how it works and she got it and let me use it and I'm in luuuurrrrrvvveee (love, lol)!! Check it out!

Here's my nail model pic. You like?? Lol!

It looks great on top of any color. But I especially love it on top of neon, bright colors. In my opinion, to get the most out of your shatter, apply 2 coats on your nails.

I ordered mine online from today because after trying it I need one of my own! I ordered Serena Williams Black Shatter that comes with her Gold Nailpolish. So look out for that review:)

I love this and hope you all get a chance to use this Black Shatter! This has been beauty sweet approved!

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  1. woah..Ive never seen that before.. It really comes like that? cool!