Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My New Spring Color OCC Liptars

Spring is here!! And all the fun springy colors are in full swing! And since I'm trying to build up my OCC collection I decided to get a few colors to add!!

From left to right: Vapid, Feathered and Cha-Cha

Here are the swatches using a very little drop of the liptar:

I love OCC Liptars because the colors are heavily pigmented. So you literally will only need a dot of the liptar you're using. These colors are great for spring. I will be using these colors to create springy looks on my YouTube channel/BeautySoSweet08. Yay so excited!

This has been beauty sweet approved! Xoxoxoxo


  1. Nice post! Everybody is raving about these. I'm going to pick up a couple of these at IMATS NY in a few weeks :)

  2. Thanks lady!!! I've been buying the occ liptars like crazy. And they are the bomb!!! Yes get you some. You're gonna love them!