Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Katy Perry's Mini Nail Lacquers by O.P.I

I'm crazy about nailpolish nowadays!!! And I've been trying to find the black shatter nailpolish but they're sold out everywhere!!! Can you believe it??!!

But anyway, I did get her mini nailpolish set called Teenage Dream!!! And the colors are sooooo pretty!!

The names are fun just like Katy Perry. And the colors look even better on nails!!

The One That Got Away

Teenage Dream

Last Friday Night

Not Like the Movies

The colors are super cute right?!! And the set was only $12.50 from Ulta. The regular size versions of these colors are $8.50 each. So if you like all of these colors, this is a great deal!

I also like this set because you can put the glitter polish on top of the solid colors or just wear them all by itself! So you have different options, which I love!

So try these out and I'm sure you'll love them!! This has been beauty sweet approved! Xoxo

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hazy Days!! Revlon's Hazy Nailpolish!!

Hey everyone!! I'm loving this new nailpolish by Revlon called Hazy!!

It's just a simple grey color and of course it looks like haze!! But this is such a nice nailpolish!! And it compliments my skin very well. But anyone can wear this color!

On the front of the nailpolish bottle it says Top Speed and its sooooo true!!! This nailpolish dried super fast which is great for someone like me who gets inpatient and ends up messing up my nailpolish.

I'll be doing more reviews of Revlons Top Speed nailpolish colors. Hope you all like!! This has been beauty sweet approved!! Xoxo

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Fun Friday Look!! 1/21/11

Hey Friends!!!

Yes its winter time and I've heard women say they won't wear bright colors during the winter time. But I beg to differ!! Here's how I did my makeup on Friday. Hope you like! :)

Here are the products I used:
Full Crease: Snatch by Urban Decay

Lid: Blue from 88 Color Coastal Scents Palette

Corner Crease: Violet from 88 Color Coastal Scents Palette

Eyeliner: Teal Zeal from Victoria's Secret

Color is in yall!!! So don't be afraid to experiment with color, no matter the season!! Hope you all like!!! This has been beauty sweet approved! :) Xoxo

Monday, January 17, 2011

Illamasqua's Throb Collection!!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Illamasqua released their "Throb" Collection!!!

If you want deep, passionate, intense....colors! (Get your mind out the gutter,lol!), then this collection is exactly what you need to make your significant others heart melt!!

As you can see, the collection is not big but the colors make a big statement!!

Here they are individually!!





And there's also the red lipgloss.(pictured in the group photo above).

And when you wear that deep red lipstick with the lipgloss over it, your lips will bescreaming, kiss me, kiss me!!!;)

Stay tuned for swatch reviews and a YouTube tutorial using these colors!

So with all this intensity and richness of these colors in this collection, your Valentines day will definitely be one to remember!! Make his heart Throb!!!! This has been beauty sweet approved! Xoxo

Friday, January 14, 2011

Anything Can Inspire You!!

As a makeup artist, I must continue to feed my creativity. So any and everything can be an inspiration! Check me out!

(All colors came from my coastal scents 88 color palette.)

Sprite!! Don't you just love the colors?? Those colors are fresh and so beautiful! So I knew they would look great on eyes.

So look around at your surroundings and see how you can transform a pretty picture, a plant, a food packaging, whatever! Challenge yourself because there's no limit to what you can do with makeup! This has been beauty sweet approved! Xoxo

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leopard Prints, Short Do's and Curls!!

It's still the cold winter season but this clothe and hair trend is definitely heating up!!! The leopard print, short/bob hairstyle with side bangs paired with a nude lip and feminine soft curls are HOTTTTTTT right now!!! Everyone is rockin it and I'm mos def feeling it!!

Check out their leopard shoe game!!

Nicki Minaj rocked a full leopard print outfit when she performed on Christmas day! Work it!

Look at these beautiful ladies rockin this short do paired with a nude lip! Simply stunning!

Dawn Richard, FLAWLESS!!



Other styles I'm in love with is the part down the middle with pretty lil curls!!

The beautiful phoenix, Selita Ebanks!

The gorgeous Rihanna!!

Or you can put the curls, side bangs and leopard print together with a fierce red lip like Miss Taraji P. Henson!!

Can you feel the sexiness and fierceness oozing off this page??? I sure can!!

So let's take a walk on the wild side with our leopard, or add some sex appeal with your side bang and nude lip or lighten up with soft lil curls!! These looks are all beauty/style trends that we can all try and rock it just like these lovely ladies did!!! This has been beauty sweet approved!! Xoxo

Monday, January 3, 2011

Keyshia Dior's Secret Kisses Lipstick Line!!!

So we all know the beautiful model, actress, stylist and entrepreneur Miss Keyshia Dior!!! When she stepped on the scene as "Lisa" in Timbaland feat. Drake "Say Something" video as well as gracing some of the most popular magazine covers, we knew she was the next superstar and beauty queen!!! But how could we miss those vibrant lip colors she wears!!!

So as a makeup artists who is always on the lookout for the next hottest makeup product, when I found out about this new line I knew I would be an advocate for this!!! (Thanks Keyshia for thinking of us makeup artists and lipstick lovers) Secret Kisses is the name!!!! And ima wear it out!!!

It features 15 vibrant , stunning and eye catching colors. Names like foil, seductive and its a girl are just a few of the names of the lipstick shades that accurately describe the colors. The price is $14.99 each which is super affordable and if you preorder now before the release date February 11-14, you get 3 for $40!!! Yay!!! So did I preorder mine?? Heck yeah I did!!! Here's more pics of Miss Dior rockin her hot new lipstick!!

Once I get them I will do swatch reviews as well as a YouTube tutorial using them. I plan on getting all 15 shades too!!!

So there you have it!! Miss Keyshia Dior Sweet Kisses Lipstick!! Preorder and I'm sure this will be a lipstick we will fall in love with!!! So don't keep this a secret!!! Share it with the world!! This has been beauty sweet approved!!! Xoxo

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year/The Beauty Encyclopedia!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! I pray that this year and every other year is prosperous for you all and all your wishes come true!

On to the beauty, yay!!

So I purchased "The Beauty Encyclopedia" a little before Christmas and I love it! No its not a book about beauty. It's a lipstick palette from Elf! Check it out!

It features 12 lipstick shades. And it was only $5!!!

Here are the actual colors and swatches. The swatches are in the same order as they are in the palette.

These are really nice colors to have. But in order to get a heavily pigmented color, you would need to add on about 2 or 3 layers. It's a great affordable palette and I love it! This has been beauty sweet approved!! Xoxo