Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beauty of the Day! MAC Makeup Artist Linda!!

As a makeup artist myself, I love learning from other makeup artists. I am always inspired by other people's work and it helps me sharpen up my skills and try new things.  So when I came across Linda's page on Instagram and saw her amazing work, her flawless face, precision and her creative use of color, I immediately knew I had to interview her. Her makeup photos are regulars on the Popular page on Instagram, so you know she is good!! The Olympia, WA (south of Seattle) based MAC Makeup Artist was so nice to share her work and input as her life as a MUA! Check her out!
  • When did you realize that being a makeup artist is what you wanted to do?
I've always loved make up since I was young. I remember stealing my mom's red lipstick and wearing it to school, and being the only girl to rock baby blue eyeshadow in high school. It's always been a part of me. I've always loved makeup.

  • Has makeup artistry always been your only occupation? If not, what else did you do?
I'm actually a full time Medical Assistant for Group Health. I've been a M.A. for 6 years now. I love helping people and making people feel better. I get to do a little bit of that in both my jobs.
  • If you're not doing makeup, what else do you do??
I've always loved to sing and dance. I'm obsessed with ABDC and the VOICE. SOOO If I wasn't doing makeup, I'd be working on my singing/dancing skills!

  • What's the best part of working for MAC? Hardest part?
I'm so blessed to be a part of a groundbreaking company. We are the worlds leading authority in makeup. I'm happy and proud to be a part of that. Its given me opportunities to grow and learn as an artist, since we cater to everyone. All ages, all races, all sex is our motto! The hardest thing for me is working 2 jobs. It can be really challenging at times, but I've done it now for 4 years so I must LOVE it right?!

  • Do you think a MUA should focus on her craft or have her hand in every aspect of beauty to break into the business?
From my little experience in the freelance world, I've seen that people value an artist who has his/her hand in every aspect. Hair, makeup, styling. People love versatility and you're worth the money if you can do a little bit of everything.

  • How do you perfect your craft as a makeup artist?

I get plenty of practice working at M.A.C and with friends and family. Of course, I always have my face to practice on too. Instagram has given me a huge opportunity to post my looks and creations. I've also had the pleasure of meeting other talented artist. So it's always pushing me to grow and challenge myself.

  • What advice would you give to an aspiring makeup artist?
Keep practicing! Practice on anyone who will let you. Take pictures of your work, edit them a little, and build a little portfolio. You are your own walking billboard, so wear your creations everywhere! Always remember that makeup is a form of art. There is no right and wrong way to do anything. You have the freedom to express yourself. So do what you want regardless of what people say!

Please check out her Facebook page, Linda P. Makeup and follow her Instagram page at Beautyphanatics_Mua. She is always posting pictures of her beautiful work on both pages!
Linda is such a humble and talented makeup artist and I am thankful for her input! I am so happy to have had the pleasure to interview her!! I hope she was able to inspire you as much as she has inspired me!! Thank you dearly to my Beauty of the Day, Linda P!!!!!


  1. Lovely I had to reblog but it would be great if you specified what product you used for each picture you uploaded please..very artistic!

    1. Thanks for the feedback!! I will try to find out what she used for each picture and update this blog! Thanks again!