Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Graffiti Makeup! Eyes, Lips, Nails, Face, Colorful Art!

Did someone say graffiti makeup?? Absolutely!! Makeup is so fun and creative. And so is graffiti when used in the right way. So why not marry the two and create beautiful graffiti makeup art!! These beautiful graffiti inspired, colorful, makeup pictures are on Beautylish. A little splash here, a sprinkle there and a splatter of color everywhere created this art!!

These flashy colorful graffiti nails were done by Kristiana Z. This beautiful splash of artistic face art was done by Eva B.

These simple yet striking blue pink nails were done by Noor S. These gorgeous swarm of color nails were done by Emmie S.

I love how the yellow eyeliner created this colorful abstract shape on the face, done by Jameelah B. Color blocking on the eyes is a must and was done perfectly by Julia C.

Ooh la la lips!

The artist, Alex S, used Primary colors to create this electric blue-green lip. This colorful rainbow lip was done by Snarky Princess S. This gradient of color lip was done by the artsy Micky Picasso M.

Be sure to check out Beautylish to view these amazing artists personal pages and their colorful graffiti works of art!

Surrounded by color and art, creating beauty in artsy ways, is what makes makeup so much fun! There are no limits to what you can do! These looks show that when you allow your creative mind juices to flow, you can make a masterpiece!! Makeup is Art!!

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