Monday, April 9, 2012

June Ambrose Sunglasses Collection

I love me some June Ambrose , stylist to the stars! Her style game is awesome and her eye for fashion is effortless!

Earlier today she Instagram'd a picture of her sunglasses being sold on Check em out!

She had a launch party for her collection a couple weeks ago. Here's her modeling a pair

There are 3 different styles but they come in many colors. They're called Chance, Summer and Hi Brow.

Also check out her website She is going to keep us up to date on fashion trends, beauty info, her life ad as a mom and there's also a section for men. So there's something for everyone.

June is amazing!! I learn so much from her as far as thinking out the box when it comes to fashion. Also not being afraid to come out of your comfort zone. Yay June for your beautiful sunglasses!! Xoxo

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  1. Great cover! Thanks for all the information. I've been looking for the "Summer" style. :-)