Friday, April 20, 2012

Kim Kardashian Covers Scott Barnes New Book "Face to Face"

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Scott Barnes is such a powerful force in the makeup community!!! His book About Face is one of the most important books any Makeup Artist should have! But his next book will surely be another Makeup Artist must-have!!

This is the cover of his new book Face to Face that will be out September 2012.

The lovely and beautiful Kim Kardashian is the face of his new book!! Her face is always beat!! I think he chose the perfect person to cover his new book!

I am so excited about this book! He has been super successful in his career as a Makeup Artist and his tips and tricks he will give in this book will definitely help us sharpen up our makeup artistry!

Makeup Artists: Never stop learning and perfecting your craft!


  1. Kim looks lovely on the cover. I'm probably going to get this book, as I like books about make-up. x

    1. She does!! Yes I can't wait until it comes out!