Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She Got Abs!! Cut Out Dresses!!

Last week J.Lo wore a stunning, ab revealing Herve Leger Gunmetal Combo Selita cut out dress on American Idol! And she worked it!!

The whole outfit was flawless!

Although I wish this gorgeous dress was in my budget, I found a few dresses that are in my budget and fashionable! So if you want to show those abs of steel, take a look-see at my affordable fashion finds!

Cecile Nude Bandage Dress with Gunmetal Accents $189
Get this dress HERE!!!

Topshop Twist Cutout Bodycon Dress $72
Get this dress HERE!!!

Reverse Cutout Dress from Urban Outfitters $79
Get this dress HERE!!!

Aren't they nice?! Let me know what you think!

You may have a special event want to have heads turning. Why not a cut out dress?! I guarantee you will have people saying, "Wow, she got ABS!!" Hope you like these and happy shopping!

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