Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beauty of the Day: Fashionista Sherry!!!

My beauty of the day is Sherry!!! I came across her on Instagram (Follow her at koolkat_ss) about a month ago.  I kept seeing her photos on the popular page and I had to find out her secret to her fashion genius! I had the pleasure of interviewing her and she gave me a lot of information! Check it out below!
  • When did you know that fashion was your specialty? What inspires your fashion style?

I didn't really know my sense of Fashion was anything special until people would come up to me and give extreme compliments. I get inspired by everything I see on a day to day basis. I take what I see on the magazine, people on the streets, custom attire of different cultures, men, everything that pleases my eyes I incorporate it into an outfit that I feel is badass.
  • What are your favorite clothing brands? And why. Where do you mostly shop?
I don't particularly have a favorite clothing brand. Im not a celebrity and as much as I love their lavish wardrobe its not something I can afford on a daily. I am an impulsive shopper and I buy clothing anywhere that catches my eye or gives me an outfit idea- from Walmart and flea markets to Ysl and Versace. I love the collab of high end fashion with urban street wear. I stumble across a lot of my pieces anywhere I go, online, I don't have a specific shop. I used to like Forever21 and all those teens shops when I was younger until everyone became a fashionista wearing the same clothing. I wanted to be unique and have things others would want to find. I personally like to thrift shop at savers, salvation army, etc. to find vintage pieces and give a modern look to it.
I love thrift stores, a lot of people don't appreciate it but fashion isn't about the the cost of clothing. I personally love the vintage designer bags and jewelry of people who no longer see the beautiful value it still holds. It is a piece that can grow with your style no matter how rapid fashion changes. A lot of people go in there and see garbage but if you have a creative mind you can do wonders with those old clothes. In all my outfits I almost always have something thrifted. Its like going to a fabric store, looking for colors and patterns, the only difference is the clothing is made just add your twist to it with a little snipping and sewing.
  • What is a must have item in anyone's closet? A nice suit, black shoes, blazer, etc.

That's kind of hard. I have a very wide range of wardrobe... But Basics and if I had to a gold chain, pumps, a pair of Jordan's, distressed shorts, a red blazer, harem pants, and a cropped tee. I can definitely make this a casual, edgy, classy, or sexy look.
  • Do you have any upcoming events or major moves happening for you as far as fashion? (Ex. Styling any major events, styling any celebs, etc)
No I'm just a normal girl from Hawaii and moved to Vegas for school. One thing I am honored about is im one of the few Rhianna is following on Instagram. She is definitely someone that inspires me as we share a same taste in street wear and high fashion. Having her as a follower and acknowledging my taste definitely motivates me to pursue something in the fashion industry soon.
  • What advice do you have for someone who wants to be more stylish but is afraid to come out of their shell?
BE CONFIDENT. Everyone has their own sense of style and don't understand the versatility of fashion. It takes a very imaginative person to recognize how mix matched can actually match. A lot of people go for comfort but "pain is beauty", the most Fabbest things are literally the things to die for. I get put down a lot and get negative comments from others but if you're confident, what they say don't even matter. If what you do or wear is something you believe,  eventually others get inspired.
  • When you aren't coming up with thee best fashion outfits, what do you like to do?
Besides shopping and hunting for other pieces that could be a potential outfit I'm normally studying. Im still a full time student. Other things that keeps me going is traveling. Which is where I get a lot of other clothing ideas. In Japan,  I got to see all the funky and cute trend in harajuku, Barcelona- was the sophisticated leather and fur winter wear, Bahamas- The sexy bandeaus, distressed shorts, sheer clothing etc....

Sherry inspired me so much!!! As you can see she is naturally talented in the fashion field! Her fashion is current and fearless! She puts items together that may not seem like it matches.  But she puts things together so well, it all just works!!!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see her fabulous outfits at koolkat_ss.
Again,  I thank you so much Sherry for doing this interiew with me, and sharing your thoughts with me about fashion! Sending so much love to my Beauty of the Day Sherry!!!

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