My mom and dad were always into clothing.
How would you describe your style? Trendsetter?
I don’t believe in trends. And I don’t follow trends. I basically start my own. And I don’t consider myself as a trend. Like, I prefer no one follow me, You know, create their own trend.

So you just prefer people to look up to you as inspiration but just do their own thing?
Right, right do your own thing definitely.
On Instagram you are always on the popular page. Were you promoting fashion?
It happened over night. I've been doing it on Twitter and other pages. But on Instagram, it started overnight. Basically I post my pictures and I went from 200 one day to 10,000 overnight. I haven't had Instagram that long. It just went from me posting pictures, and it happened overnight. I just posted my daily outfits, stuff I like, eyeglasses, or my shoes and they liked it. And I just started making the popular page 5 times a day. It started with me just making it 1 time and then 5 times a day, 10 times a day. People started hearing about me, people started hearing about me in Miami, Philly, New Orleans, etc.

So you're only on Twitter and Instagram? You're not on YouTube or anything?
Well actually my fans requested I do YouTube videos. But with school going on I don’t really have time for that. But maybe I will start in the summertime. So just to try to help my fans with their daily styling I will start one once I finish this last semester.
So right now youre a full time student?
Yes I am!
So what are your favorite brands and why?
Favorite brands…umm I have so many. I'll give a high end and low end. High end would be Chanel because of course its classic. Low end would be H&M, I love H&M.
So what would you say is a must have/staple item in a woman or guys closet?
Men and women, everybody needs a nice timepiece.

As far as your boutique, tell me about it? Is it an online boutique or an actual store youre opening?
Its based online: Posh World Boutique. Eventually I will expand and get a location. But for right now since I'm a college student, that’s a lot to sign up for.
What type of things can your fans expect from your boutique?
Basically anything I wear. I wouldn’t sell anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. So leggings, fitted dresses, blouses, blazers, sunglasses, accessories, all that. Anything that you would see me wear you'll probably see on my website.
So is it for men and women?
No just for women. Eventually I am going to do men's but not at the moment.

Will you have a full range of sizes?
I'll have a variety of sizes. XS to XL.I think if you're more than a XL you probably don’t need to be in leggings. So yeah XS to XL.*laughs*
So what made you want to open the store?
Because I feel like. To me there's not many boutiques online. There's a lot of different boutiques but they're kinda high, they're very high to me. And a lot of my fans don’t know how to put their stuff together. So my site will also show them how to wear their things.

Do you ever have a day where you just don’t know what to wear? Because I can see you having that issue from having so many clothes.
I'm the type of person to pick my clothes out at night. I put it together in my head so in the morning it takes me 5 minutes to get dressed. I have days when I wana wear everything, but there's always the next day. So I just wear whatever comes to my head. I feel like if you got style its just natural.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be more stylish but is afraid to come out of their shell?
Okay, I tell most girls, young girls, grown women, whoever, to build a wardrobe. And I feel like you don’t have to go spend 5-600 hundred dollars to build a wardrobe. I feel like, you get a paycheck or you got a couple of bucks to treat yourself, go buy a blouse, or go buy something like a blazer. Stuff you can wear in summer or winter. Go buy a nice watch or buy a good leather pair of shoes, like cognac it goes with everything. I feel you should invest in items that you can be versatile with. Don’t invest in items that just are for trends that only last for a moment. Like color block, don’t spend a lot of money on that stuff because its just a trend.

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 It was so nice to learn about her fashion style! She was so nice to give me some insight and to share her opinion on fashion with me. I am inspired by her fashion and I hope she can inspire you as well. Now I want to go shopping! Sending so much love and thanks to Hollywood Posh!!!