Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebrating Life!! Remembering Kevyn Aucoin Makeup Genius!

10 years ago, the world of beauty lost a remarkable and genius Makeup Artist Kevyn Aucoin. But today I will celebrate his life and his inspiration to me!

He went on to do makeup for Cindy Crawford, Lisa Marie Presley, T-Boz from TLC, Martha Stewart and so many more!

Ever since I started doing makeup, his two books, Face Forward and Making Faces have been my go-to books for learning, studying and mastering the art of makeup just as he did. Every Makeup Artist should own these two books!

He did unbelievable transformations on not only his family, including his mom and sister whom he worked on a lot. But also celebrities, turning them into other popular figures in the entertainment industry, with his brilliant talent and skills as a Makeup Artist.

Dear Mr. Kevyn Aucoin,

I thank you for the legacy you have left me. You taught me to go for what you want in this industry. Most people don't believe that you can have a great career being a Makeup Artist. But you proved to the world that as long as you work hard and believe in your artistry skills, then you can go far. You will live on forever because Makeup Artists around the world rely on your books and teachings when it comes to doing makeup. Your wealth of knowledge, outgoing personality, and dedication to this field is something I learned from you. Whenever I need a quick lesson on highlighting and contouring, I always refer to your book. Because you made everything crystal clear to where I was able to grasp it and apply it when doing makeup. Although I never met you, I feel that by your books and the short stories in them, I know you! And you were an amazing and inspiring person. I thank you for teaching me and helping me be the Makeup Artist I am today! As long as I am a Makeup Artist, your legacy of beauty will live on forever! Thank you Kevyn Aucoin!

Let us remember and celebrate this amazing human being who lived a beautiful life! Let our brushes reflect his teachings! A person who broke down barriers,taught us that beauty is life, beauty is reaching your dreams, making others feel and look beautiful and never give up on your dreams! Love you forever Kevyn Aucoin!!

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