Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Olivia's Makeup; Too Much or is Her Face Beat? What do you think?

Olivia is still on a mission to achieve her music dreams! She recently recorded a song called "Soldier Girl" feat. Mavado.  So kudos to her!! Keep chasing that dream girl!!

Anyway I came across this recent photo of her (via Of course the first thing I noticed (duh), was her makeup.  So as a makeup artist I can appreciate the look because it is very pretty, done very well and precise. She is definitely a beautiful lady!  Maybe she had a photoshoot and she needed a dramatic look where her highlighting and contouring needed to be on point, which it is for sure in this photo.    

But what do you all think? Too much makeup? Or would you say her face is beat?


  1. I think its beautiful. Colors work well on her carmel skin! I also think without make she's just as beautiful!

  2. I love her makeup! Especially the contouring. She looks gorgeous as usual