Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rocsi from 106 and Park Friday's Outfit!!

So for about the past 6 or 7 years, I have been a pumps, wedge, boots, ballerina flat wearing girl. I stopped wearing tennis shoes a long time ago. Blame it on my growing up, getting more mature, Idk! But lately I have been thinking about jumping back into my Jordan sneaker days! I will never abandon my pumps but I think Jordan misses me:)

Last Friday, Rocsi Diaz on BET's 106 and Park was getting down on the 1's and 2's and had on the cutest outfit sporting her J's! Check her out!

She looked comfortable yet cute! I loved it from head to toe! So if you were wondering where her outfit was from like me, check out the info below!

Trey's Angels Top. Get it here (you can cut the sleeves yourself)

Circus Kaleidoscope Leggings by Camilla. Here is her website www.camilla.com.au. The leggings are not available yet online and people have been inquiring about those leggings. But you can follow her on Twitter @CamillaWithLove for updates on when they will be available for the US. __And the Air Jordan Retro 12's (most likely sold out now though:(

Now I'm mad I didn't get the 12's when I had the chance:( Ahhh well, there will be more! And I cannot wait to purchase those leggings when they're available online!

Mixing a little sporty, a hint of girly with a whole lot of my boo Trey Songz, you can't go wrong with that recipe! Sporty and feminine always looks nice as long as you know how to work it! This was a great example of that! Loved this look Rocsi!! You go girl!!

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