Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Outfit!! Picnic Party!

The weekend is here and your friend is having a picnic party!! The weather man has already confirmed that it is going to be a nice day out!! Perfect weather for a picnic party! Good food, music, fun in the sun and who knows, maybe some cute guys will be there too!!!

So now what to wear?? Well I'm glad you asked! I picked the perfect outfit for the picnic party!!

Lemon Broderie Shirt paired with Hawaiian Floral Leggings, Woodstock Tan Faux Snake Wedge, Crochet Hoop Earrings, Gold Pretty Disc Hand Chain

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This outfit is springy, fashionable and perfect for a picnic party! The leggings and wedges are comfortable enough to get your groove on while dancing to the music with your cup of ice cold lemonade in your hand!

Now you're ready for this picnic party! Dressed beautiful on a beautiful spring day!! Have fun!!! You go girl!

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