Friday, June 29, 2012

Emily B's Super Cute Instagram Outfit!

Today, the beautiful and curvaceous Emily B. from Love and Hip Hop posted a photo of her outfit she wore yesterday! It's simple yet sexy! 

She said that her long sleeve blouse with the orange bandeau were both from TopShop which is a pretty affordable site! I wasn't able to find these exact items on the site but they have some great alternatives.

Olcay Gulsen 7 inch Platform Pump $600
Doesn't she look cute!! And I love how she mostly shops at Topshop which has some of the best fashion! Go Emily!! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Wedding Flowers Nail Art!

Many people get married in the summer! The weather is nice and love is in the air! Weddings already cost an arm and a leg.  So instead of going to the nailshop, I have a tutorial for you that you can do on your own and is perfect for your special day! 

Check out the step by step tutorial to get these beautiful wedding flower nails!
(via falseeyelashes)
Items you will need:
1 Base coat polish
1 Gold nail polish
1 Pink nail polish
1 Top coat
Ceramic rose rhinestones
Nail art crystals bling bling

1.) Make sure you shape your nails and make them neat. Add a base coat of polish once they're shaped.

2.) Add 1-2 coats of gold nailpolish to your nails.

3.)Apply a pink nailpolish to the top left hand corner of your nail just like the picture. 

4.)Stick 3 of the ceramic rose rhinestones on the border of the pink polish.

5.) Then you will stick 3 of the silver rhinestones next to the rose rhinestones. Leave a little space between each silver rhinestone.

6.)Then go back and add a gold rhinestone where you left the spaces next to the silver rhinestones.

7.) Add your top layer coat over the nail.

8.) Then you're done!

Isn't this a lovely and elegant way to do your nails for your wedding day?! It's also a really pretty nail look for any occasion and it's really easy too! You can switch up the style to however you want with different kinds of rhinestones. I love nail art! 

Kim Kardashian, All Black Everything Wearing Valentino, Celine and Air Yeezy's!!

Kim Kardashian is channeling in her inner Yeezy!  The other day she was spotted out in all black leather looking fierce! 

So you want this look?? Well get those American Express Cards ready to be maxed out! 
$4158 Leather Valentino Jacket

Celine Fall 2011 Crocodile Luggage Tote $3000

Nike Air Yeezy $250

Woah! My pockets started hurting just looking at these prices!! But I like the way Kim dresses and this all black fit is hot!! Go Kim!! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Angela Simmons' Shoe Game is Awesome!!

If I could raid anyone's shoe closet, it would be Angela Simmons! Her shoes are the bomb! And me being a shoe lover, I swoon at amazing, stiletto, colorful, sexy pumps!  It seems like she has every shoe on the planet!  But here are some of my fave that I've seen her in! 

Olcay Gulsen 7 inch Pump

Giuseppe Zanotti Peep Toe Wedg
Giuseppe Zanotti Peep Toe No Heel Pumps
Christian Louboutin Bibi Pumps
Giuseppe Zanotti Two Tone T-Strap Pumps

I would soooooo rock all of these shoes!! I love Angela's taste in shoes!! And she looks gorgeous in every pair! You go girl!! 

The Most Fashionable Celebrity Mom-agers!!

These celebrity Momagers definitely  put their best fashion foot forward everytime they step out the door!! Check out my top 5 Momagers!! 

Kris Jenner is always fabulous! Their Kardashian Collection and their DASH Boutique stores mirror a lot of her styles! Her fashion is flawless!! 
I love Tina Knowles' fashion .  She keeps it classy with a little edge!  The House of Dereon Collection has something to offer all kinds of women which is how Tina dresses. Any woman can wear her clothes!  

Jada Pinkett Smith is fearless with fashion and loves making a fashion statement! She does it and does it well! 
Ashanti's mom Tina, is casual yet stylish at the same time! She never over does her style, she does it just right!! She always looks great!

Teresa Caldwell is a showstopper when she steps out! She has a boutique in Atlanta that everyone loves! Of course they would, her fashion is spot on!! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Check Out the Full Spread of Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz's Photos in Ebony's July 2012 Magazine!!

As we all know, Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz are on the cover of Ebony's 'The Sexy Issue' Magazine for July 2012!  And boy did they serve up some sexy!! Check out the full spread from the magazine!! They both look great!! (photos via

Click here  to see my previous post about this magazine issue and their sexy cover photo!  

Make sure you pick up this issue!! They are the perfect people to be in 'The Sexy Issue'! They both look hot!! 

Toya Wright Tweets a Picture of her Modeling Her Visual Beauty Hair!! Luvs It!!

So Toya Wright just tweeted a photo of her wearing her soon-to-be released hair line, Visual Beauty! And it is sooo beautiful!! 

This looks like some really good hair!! Very natural! I am really excited about her hair line now that I see it on her!!

Her Visual Beauty Hair Extension Line will be released at the Essence Festival this year. I recently did a blog post about her hair line.  Check it out here if you want more details!! I can't wait to support Toya and get my hands on some of this hair!! 

Tika Sumpter's Form Fitting Stella McCartney Dress and 7 inch Olcay Gulsen Extreme Platform Pumps!

The beautiful actress Tika Sumpter looked fab at the New York premier of Tyler Perry's new movie, Madea's Witness Protection! She wore the two tone Ottavia Stella McCartney form fitting dress! 

Although the dress is gorgeous, I think her shoes stole the show!!

She wore her 7 inch Olcay Gulsen Extreme Platform Pumps! And they are definitely extreme platform pumps!!

If you love this shoe and you think you can handle 7 inches, get them here!!!  

Back in March, Angela Simmons wore the same pair but in yellow when she visited 106 and Park! She tweeted this picture of the shoes!

I absolutely love this shoe!! I am a shoe fanatic so this is definitely a shoe that I need in my collection!! That heel is serious!! But I love it!!  Would you rock these extreme platform pumps??

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Hair Chronicles: 3 Ways to Tell If Its Time For a New Weave!

Ladies we love our weaves!! For some women, it is all that they wear. Nothing wrong with that. But we must keep it up!  Weave is one of the things that add to our beauty. It can keep our heads warm in the winter or add that thickness and fullness that we always wanted!  But because I love you all so much, ladies we must know when it is time for a new weave.  Here are 3 ways to know it is time to hit up your local beauty supply store and get you a new weave! 

#1: Your own hair no longer covers the tracks:  If the hair that you leave out in the front is no longer sufficient enough to cover the tracks, then it is time! No matter how much you flat ironed, permed or press the hair you left out, if your own hair no longer covers the tracks, it's time for a new weave!

#2: Your braids are no longer attached to your scalp: If you have so much undergrowth and your tracks are hanging on for dear life to the braids then it's time. If you can slide a #2 pencil comfortably under your braids, then it is time. In other words, if you get to the point where you have to wear a scarf or headband to cover up the undergrowth, then it is time!

#3: Your weave has lost its life:  When you first purchase your hair, its flowy, bouncy, shiny, full of life.  But if the curl pattern is gone, it does not move when you shake it, or its just flat and dull, ladies, it is time for a new weave!

Ladies there are affordable weave brands out there, there are half wigs or wigs, that are just as good and convenient for us weave lovers too.  But we must maintain our sexy and keep our weaves right! Halle-loo!

Empire Girl Adrienne Bailon's Pink Turban-Style Hat! Would You Rock It?

On yesterday's episode of Empire Girls, the beautiful Adrienne Bailon went to Julissa's apartment before their double date.  Although her date with Doug turned out to be a dud, she still looked cute as always. I was particulary loving  her pink turban-style hat!!  
via my tv at home

It totally worked for her!! It was the extra fashion piece that set off her whole outfit and I loved it!!

June Ambrose also loves her turban hats.  So much so that she made her own line!

What do you think of this turban-hat trend? I thinks its cute. Definitely a fashion statement for the fashion fearless! Would you rock this turban hat?

Crayola Makes Mini Nail Polish!

Crayola is branching out with their brand! Not only can you use their product to paint or color in coloring books.  You can now polish your nails!!! 

8 mini nail polishes for $12

 Isn't this the cutest thing ever!! Perfect gift for a little girl or a grown woman! Very easy to keep in your purse  just in case you want to polish your nails on the go.    

I love this whole concept!! Very cute and creative!  Make sure you purchase yours here at!! 

Boop-oop-ba-doop! Betty Boop For Lancome's Hypnose Star Mascara Ads!! Plus Behind the Scenes Video of the Short Film!

Boop-oop-ba-doop! The beautiful animated lady, Betty Boop, will star alongside model, Daria Werbowy for  Lancome's  Hypnose Star Mascara Campaign!(fashionetc)

The Mascara bottle is somewhat glittery and sparkly at the bottom, which I love. It will definitely give you that star quality! 

There will also be a short film set to be released on July 2nd showing these 2 dazzling divas in gorgeous black dresses and lustrous lashes!! 

Check out the behind the scenes footage of the short film featuring these two beauties!

Below are additional photos! 

Betty Boop is the perfect person to help advertise Lancome's Star Mascara since she was and still is a star!! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beyonce's Black Hunter Boots at Hackney Weekend! Plus Video of Beyonce Going H.A.M. while Jay-Z Performs "Paris"!

Hackney Weekend was crazy!!! So many great performances.  But I don't think any of the performances beat when Beyonce went crazy in the moshpit while Jay and Ye performed Paris! Also if you fast forward to 10 seconds of the video, zero in on the label on her boots and you will see the Hunter boots she paired with a black leather hoodie!
Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Beyonce is going H.A.M!!!!

I'm almost positive these Hunter boots are the ones she has on. Perfect moshpit shoes!!
You can purchase them here if you love them like Bey does!

Go Bey!!! She is having too much fun!! I love the way she supports her husband at his concerts!!

Beyonce is the bomb and so are those boots!!

Rihanna's Perfect Red Lip! My Favorite Matte Red Lipsticks!

Matte (no shine/non glossy) Red lips!! Oh how I love them! Red lips give you such a classic and sexy look! While Rihanna is out in London recording a new album, she was pictured yesterday leaving her hotel wearing overall shorts, a jersey,a star studded adidas jacket with her J's! Very casual right?! But to add a little bit of sexiness to her relaxed look she sported a perfect matte red lip!

She looks beautiful!!  She has very basic eye makeup, which is good because the lipstick is the star of the show! The simple additin of red lips took her casual look to a whole other level!

Check out my picks below that will give you your perfect matte red pout!!
MAC Ruby Woo $14.50
Revlon Really Red $7.99

NARS Red Lizard $24
Wet N Wild Spotlight $1.99

These are some of my favorite matte red lipsticks and anyone can wear them! They will give you the ultimate classic and sexy look! Try them out and you will love them!! Red lips, yay!