Thursday, June 14, 2012

All Aboard the Louis Vuitton Express!! LV Fall 2012 Ads!

Louis Vuitton is always so innovative when it comes to fashion.  Not only did creative director of Louis Vuitton , Marc Jacobs, get creative with the collection for Fall 2012, but he did so with the ads as well!! So, All Aboard the LV Express!!

I love how he is drawing from the the 20s and 30s, with the big hats with feathers and the vintage style of dress.  Merging old style with new style and making it look great and stylish all at the same time! How amazing are these ads! 

On July 19th, there will be a huge show in China where the models will get off of the train, in complete character as they are in the ads, just as they did at the Paris show. The show will be shown  for all the world to see on a dedicated website, (fashionista

The whole show is amazing! As the models are walking down the runway, they have the conductors walking a little behind them holding their Louis Vuitton bags! They've definitely captured the essence of this time period. I love it! Check out the complete collection HERE!!  Simply amazing! 

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