Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beauty News: Lady Gaga's New Perfume and Fifty Shades of Gray Perfume and Lingerie Line!

Everyone is working on a fragrance so it's about time that Lady Gaga made her own too! It will be called "Fame"! 
Lady Gaga covering Vogue's September 2012 issue

Lady Gaga just tweeted pictures of her fragrance below! 

And here are the ingredients:
Seems like it will smell lovely! Not sure when it will be out but once I find out I will let you all know! I can't wait! 

So I have yet to read this hot, steamy and raunchy book that I keep hearing so much about. But the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, is working on a clothing line which will include lingerie as well as a fragrance and beauty line.  I am sure that this news of the lingerie and fragrance line is a no brainer to those who have read this book.  So all you kinky people out there, this collection will probably have the "tools" you've been waiting for! Lol! If the book was sexy, I am sure the collection will be too! (fashionista)

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