Monday, June 11, 2012

Beauty Spotlight: Interview with Reality Star Kamille 'Hot Wingz' Leai!!

You all may remember the extremely beautiful and spunky Kamille 'Hot Wingz' Leai from Real Chance of Love and I Love Money 4 some years ago.  But there is so much more to this super nice and hardworking woman! She has such an amazing look and her makeup is always on point.  So I knew that she loves makeup and beauty just as much as I do. You can almost imagine how excited I was to do this interview with her! This girl knows her stuff when it comes to beauty and makeup so she shared some really helpful and insightful information!  So check out this interview with my girl Kamille Leai!

  • How long were you a makeup Artist and what made you get in that field?  Do you still do other peoples makeup?
 I was a makeup artist for MAC for just a few months actually...I would say almost 6. They sent me to school and everything. I worked at the Nordstrom counter in Southpoint Mall in North Carolina. When I went to move back to Maryland I couldn't transfer to any other counters because there were none I just had to quit! I do other peoples makeup sometimes...just my friends when they ask me to because we are going out.

  • If you were to dump everything out.of your purse,  what makeup products would you find?

It would be concealer, blush and eye lash glue. lol. thats definitely the essentials to my everyday look. Im good with just walking out the house in a little bit of concealer, a little blush, and definitely my lashes! Lashes are a MUST!

  • Being in the entertainment industry and a makeup artist yourself, do you notice that most makeup artists use the same brand of Makeup on their clients? If so, does that make you question their skills?

I noticed a lot of artist using brands that I've actually never heard of. Me being a MAC girl I always thought you needed to only use MAC to look flawless...but when MUA's would do my makeup and pull out products I never seen or heard of I have to admit I was a bit skeptical.. But once I saw my final look was when I told myself I need to start broadening my makeup horizons and step outside my comfort zone with just brands I know. Makeup is makeup..Alot of unknown brands can give you just as good of a flawless look.

  • Your face is always beat everytime I see your photos. Do you do your own makeup?

I always do my own makeup. Even for my shoots sometimes. The times I don't do my own tho you would definitely know because I definitely show love to the MUA's by letting people know they are the one's that beat this face at the time!

  • There are so many celebs coming out with their own makeup line. Have you ever considered doing that?

You know what bothers me... WAY before a few of the celebs have ever came out with there line I've BEEN working on mine. I have been putting a line together for almost a year now. And people don't really know that, cuz when my line comes out IM the one thats gonna look like I'm just trying to follow "the trend".. but honestly,Makeup takes time. I don't wanna be like some of these people that just slap their name on a product and sell it just to make money and say they have a "line".. A few eyeshadows isn't a "line" of makeup. And I mean that without the shade. But my line is an actual LINE. Brow Kits, brow stencils, 150 eyeshadows, mineral shadows, eyeliners, liquid eyeliners in all sorts of colors, lipsticks that come in matte, cream, metallic, lip gloss', liquid foundations, powder foundations, cream foundations, loose foundation,cream blushes, loose eyeshadows, skin care productions, etc...THAT is a makeup LINE! THAT is KLeai Cosmetics. And when it launches people will understand why it took so long to be released, because its a complete line of takes some time to create a REAL brand.

  • I've seen your hair in so many different amazing styles!! What inspires your change in hair style? What's your favorite hair color?

Honestly..Im a libra, I get bored very easily, and that includes my look.
Lol. I can't tell you how many times I have changed my hair. But one thing is for certain, I'm DEFINITELY staying blonde. I partnered with my hair supplier BellaDreamHair to release our own WAND. I am ADDICTED to wand curls. And I'm constantly getting complimented on them on my instagram, twitter, and in person.. So it made sense to make my look another brand as well. Every girl gotta love wand curls. I can't wait until we  release this wand..People are gonna eat it up!

  • Your latest photoshoot with the body paint was sooooooo cool!!! What was the concept of that shoot??

Thank you :) There was really no concept besides the fact that we just wanted to make art. I was painted by  @TheArtistEd and the rest is history.
The pictures that @2020Photography shot came out SO dope.. All of them haven't even been released yet. But I'm more than happy with what we created.

  • When you're.not being in the public eye, doing shoots, events, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time isn't really spare time for me. I'm lucky I got to go on a vacation  recently. But I have a LOT going on..too much to just have days relaxing. Im a video editor so there's day when I'm editing videos. Im a music artist, so I'm the studio ALOT.. almost everyday, and when I'm not in the studio, Im writing songs to record the next time I am. I work on my makeup line to get ready for that release. Im apart of a few reality show projects, one in which I am producing and editing myself. I'm a working girl. I'll have time to relax once I reach the top. But as for right now, I have no time to chill.. It may seem like I am.. But thats what I want people to think. So when they see what I've really been up to, it will completely take them by surprise!

I am so happy to have had the chance to interview Kamille Leai! She has been working so hard and her cosmetic line, KLEAI Cosmetics, will be coming out really really soon! The line will start off with a brow kit, which will include brow shadow, brow gel, stencils, and a brow tutorial, with the option of adding concealer. Her brows are always so neat and perfect so I can't wait to try out her brow kit! Her complete line will include everything from eyeshadows to lipgloss!  So be sure to support her when it launches! 

So forget what you thought you knew about Kamille Leai.  She is a business woman and when it comes to beauty and makeup, she knows her stuff! She has been quietly working behind the scenes perfecting her cosmetic line so that she produces quality beauty products for us makeup addicts! So stay tuned because once it launches I will be the first in line to support her and her products! 

She will keep us posted on the launch date of her cometic line so follow her to stay updated:
 Twitter @KamilleLeai. 
Instagram at Kamille_Leai.
Tumblr page, ! 

Again, thank you so much, Kamille Leai, for doing this interview with me! I admire her perseverance and dedication! Sending so much love and support your way because I know you have so much in store and amazing things ahead!!! 


  1. This was a great interview and really opened my mind to who she really is. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for reading this! She really is a super cool girl!