Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Swarovski Inspired Nail Art!!

Sparkly, feminine, blinged out nails are one of  my favorite nail trends of the season.  Check out this Swarovski inspired nail art design I saw on It's so pretty and you can do it yourself!! 

via p.s. these are not my hands:)

Paint your nails a pink/fleshy toned color.  Get the perfect color by Sally Hansen Choco-Latte here!! 

You will need your rhinestone picker and rhinestones.  Purchase the rhinestone picker here!!   You can find these rhinestones at many beauty supply stores or purchase it online here!! 

Then apply the rhinestones around the edge of every other nail like so:

The accent nails that are without rhinestones, apply a glittery nail polish over them. Then add more rhinestones over the glitter polish  Any glittery nail polish will work. You can purchase Confetti Disco Nailpolish from Forever 21 here!!

Apply a final glossy clear coat of polish over your nails and you're done!!

Can somebody say, BLING BLING?!?!

You can use this idea and create all sorts of designs for your nails!! So let the creativity flow! 

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