Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Wedding Flowers Nail Art!

Many people get married in the summer! The weather is nice and love is in the air! Weddings already cost an arm and a leg.  So instead of going to the nailshop, I have a tutorial for you that you can do on your own and is perfect for your special day! 

Check out the step by step tutorial to get these beautiful wedding flower nails!
(via falseeyelashes)
Items you will need:
1 Base coat polish
1 Gold nail polish
1 Pink nail polish
1 Top coat
Ceramic rose rhinestones
Nail art crystals bling bling

1.) Make sure you shape your nails and make them neat. Add a base coat of polish once they're shaped.

2.) Add 1-2 coats of gold nailpolish to your nails.

3.)Apply a pink nailpolish to the top left hand corner of your nail just like the picture. 

4.)Stick 3 of the ceramic rose rhinestones on the border of the pink polish.

5.) Then you will stick 3 of the silver rhinestones next to the rose rhinestones. Leave a little space between each silver rhinestone.

6.)Then go back and add a gold rhinestone where you left the spaces next to the silver rhinestones.

7.) Add your top layer coat over the nail.

8.) Then you're done!

Isn't this a lovely and elegant way to do your nails for your wedding day?! It's also a really pretty nail look for any occasion and it's really easy too! You can switch up the style to however you want with different kinds of rhinestones. I love nail art! 

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