Monday, June 4, 2012

Do You Love Minx Nails? Well Now You Can Customize Your Very Own Minx Design!!

Oh how I love that beauty is literally converting over to technology in so many ways!! And now you can customize your own design of Minx nails online!! So if you are tired of seeing other people with your same nail design, here's your chance to make up your very own! And it's as easy and uploading a picture, customizing it and ordering it! 

Picture via A young lady took a picture of her planner, uploaded it and had her own customized Minx design!
Check the Minx website HERE to get started!! ! There is also a link that gives you tips and ideas as well for design! Once you order your design, it will be shipped to the Pro Minx Location (the website also helps you find a professional location that does Minx nails) of your choice so it can be applied professionally and there you go!! How awesome is this ladies!!! 

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