Monday, June 25, 2012

The Hair Chronicles: 3 Ways to Tell If Its Time For a New Weave!

Ladies we love our weaves!! For some women, it is all that they wear. Nothing wrong with that. But we must keep it up!  Weave is one of the things that add to our beauty. It can keep our heads warm in the winter or add that thickness and fullness that we always wanted!  But because I love you all so much, ladies we must know when it is time for a new weave.  Here are 3 ways to know it is time to hit up your local beauty supply store and get you a new weave! 

#1: Your own hair no longer covers the tracks:  If the hair that you leave out in the front is no longer sufficient enough to cover the tracks, then it is time! No matter how much you flat ironed, permed or press the hair you left out, if your own hair no longer covers the tracks, it's time for a new weave!

#2: Your braids are no longer attached to your scalp: If you have so much undergrowth and your tracks are hanging on for dear life to the braids then it's time. If you can slide a #2 pencil comfortably under your braids, then it is time. In other words, if you get to the point where you have to wear a scarf or headband to cover up the undergrowth, then it is time!

#3: Your weave has lost its life:  When you first purchase your hair, its flowy, bouncy, shiny, full of life.  But if the curl pattern is gone, it does not move when you shake it, or its just flat and dull, ladies, it is time for a new weave!

Ladies there are affordable weave brands out there, there are half wigs or wigs, that are just as good and convenient for us weave lovers too.  But we must maintain our sexy and keep our weaves right! Halle-loo!

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