Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Greatest, Tupac Shakur!!

Tupac Amaru Shakur, in my opinion, is the best rapper to have touched the mic.  He was an activist, lyrical genius, a wizard with words and he spoke the truth.  

When you heard his lyrics, you can tell he meant his words and felt deep.  He belted out his words from his gut just so we could undestand and feel him!

On stage he gave us a show, he had fun, was engaged with his audience.  Then he had his moments when he had to get in tune with himself, analyze the world he was living in and translate that in to lyrics.

Although he has been gone from us for 16 years, he still continues to influence pop culture!
Model, Joan Smalls, poses in W Magazine in July 2011 as Tupac.

Rihanna tweeted a pictue of THUG LIFE tattoed on her hands.

He was recently resurreccted at Coachella this year as he peformed alongside Snoop Dogg on stage.

Watch his performance here at Coachella! Simply amazing! I get chills everytime I watch it!

Tupac Shakur is and will always be a legend, incomparable and most of all he will never ever be forgotten! We love you forever!! 
Rest in Paradise and Happy Birthday to the greatest , Tupac Shakur!!

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