Friday, June 22, 2012

Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Marcus Miller aka King Makeup!!

I just want to start off by saying how excited I am to share with you all this interview that I had with  Celebrity Makeup Artist Marcus aka King Makeup!!  He definitely owns the title of King Makeup because he is soooooo good!!  I have been following his work for a while, on Twitter and Facebook.  This D.C. based Makeup Artists' ability to create a purely perfect face is unbelievable! I would always look and stare at his pictures of the makeup work he's done on others and be in awe of how amazingly talented he is.  So when he said he would do an interview with me, I literally screamed in excitement because he is definitely one of the best in the makeup game and he was willing to share some great info with me!  So without further ado, my interview with the best, Celebrity Makeup Artist Marcus aka King Makeup! 
Makeup by Marcus Miller

-How  long have you been doing makeup? When did you know that makeup was the field you wanted to go in? Who inspired you?  
 I've been doing makeup since young so it's been a long time...but as my profession since 2001, I've always loved transformation and just been intrigued by art....

SWV Makeup by Marcus Miller

-Did you go to school for makeup or did it just come natural to you?
I was self taught...more so reading and hands on is what has taught me....still learning daily. 

-Have you ever worked at a makeup counter? Do you think working at a makeup counter is important or necessary to be a successful makeup artist?  

 I used to work for MAC cosmetics I was with them for five years....great experience, I think working at a makeup counter can give great experience for someone it gets you familiar with all face types.
Singer Lil Mo. Makeup by Marcus Miller
-When was your first job working with a celebrity and how did you get it?

 To be honest I really don't remember my first celeb....but most jobs are referrals from. Other clients or people that are familiar with my work.
TV and Radio Personality Free. Makeup by Marcus Miller
-I know so many people who love and admire your work. But do you ever encounter people treating you different or question your ability to do makeup because you're a male makeup artist, before they even see your work? If so how do you handle it?  

 Well you're always gonna get people that question your work, I have I just make them comfortable with me as I let them know I'm confident and give them my knowledge so that they can build trust in me.
Makeup by Marcus Miller

o you use one brand of makeup over another? If not what are some of your favorite brands? 
    I use all brands of makeup, some of my favorites are Makeupforever,nars,Mac,dermablend,occ tarte and even Nyx .

-I see that you won Makeup Artist of the year! Yay! How was that event for you?? 

  It was really feels great when you're acknowledged for your talent.

-When you aren't beating faces to the gods, what do you like to do?
Lol, thank you....I love to travel, and just hang out with family and friends also I love just chillin!! 

King Makeup beating a face to the gods! 
-What's next for King Makeup?! Do you teach classes? YouTube channel? Do you plan on coming out with your own line of makeup?

 Yes I do classes I love doing small intimate classes I have a few things on YouTube but I'm not on there much..... And as far as my own line...I have some great things in the making. 
Makeup by Marcus Miller
-Any advice for makeup artists trying to get their foot in the door? Trying to reach celebrity makeup artist status such as yourself? 

  Study your craft always.....and to network as much as possible....stay humble 

So there you have it! Mr. King Makeup himself telling it like it is and sharing his information with us. 

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 I cannot begin to say how much he has inspired me as a Makeup Artist. He definitely inspires me to continue perfecting my craft and to never give up on my dreams! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Celebrity Makeup Artist, Artist of the Year and High Fashion Makeup Artist, Marcus Miller aka King Makeup!! 


  1. great interview!!! His work is out of this worldddddd !! He has really inspired me =)

  2. Really in luv wit your work...truely inspired