Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Maternity Safe Nailpolish for Mommies-to-Be by 'Knocked Up Nails'!!

Mani's and pedi's are essential in a woman's life! Gotta keep our hands and feet PURTY! It's also one of the most relaxing thing to do when you are a mommy-to-be. But inhaling all of those fumes from the nailpolish is not the most healthy thing to do with your little bundle of joy growing inside of you! 

Some nailpolishes contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and tuolene, that can cause birth defects.  Two things mommies-to-be should avoid during pregnancy.   

But Knocked Up Nails has been named to be "maternity safe" nailpolish! It has the "Three-Free" classification. Which means their nail polish is free of formaldeyde, tuolene and dibutyl phthlate (DBP). (p.s. many nailpolish manufacturers have adopted this "three-free" classification as well:) 

I love the picture on the nailpolish bottle. Its a picture of a woman standing up showing her baby belly! Awww! 

Here are some of the nailpolishes. And check out the names of the colors! Too cute!
Red-E Or Not, Here Comes Baby!
Craving A Creamsicle


Preggers in Pink

This is the cutest thing ever! It will make a great gift to an expecting mommy too!! 

Check out their website to see the whole collection of nailpolishes at KnockedUpNails.com! Enjoy and sending love and blessings to all the beautiful mommies-to-be :)

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