Friday, June 15, 2012

NBA High Heels, Ladies Support Your Favorite Team!! Yay or Nay!?!

Basketball is such an intense sport! And us ladies are amped up about basketball just as much as the guys are!  I know for myself, I am a die hard CELTICS FAN, TEAM GREEN, CELTICS LIFE, CELTICS NATION!! (I had to get that out :)  Anyway, now we can support our favorite teams with our NBA High Heels!!! Yes, NBA HIGH HEELS!!! 

The NBA announced it agreement with Orlando based shoe designer HerStar for a line of heels that features 2 designs each for all 30 of the NBA teams.  They will be available in 6 and 4 inch heels!  Check out some of the heels below! (forbes)

The prices range from $99-$274. You can get the blinged out pair or the basic pair.  Since fashionable players like Lebron and Wade love the black rimmed glasses, and Westbrook with the flashy shirts, us ladies can sit courtside wearing our fashionable heels in support of our favorite teams! Click here to go to the site and view all of the teams heels. What do you all think of this collaboration?

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