Friday, July 20, 2012

Beauty News: OCC Liptars will be sold in Sephora in September, Vanessa Williams Launches Skincare Line, and TopShop Will Be Sold in Nordstrom!

Yay!!! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Liptars are my fave!! All it takes is a little dot of the liptar and it will be just enough to cover your pretty pout! And starting on September 17th, Sephora stores will be selling the liptars!!! Yippeeeeee!!! No more ordering online to get them, unless you want. You can stop by Sephora and choose from their 42 color liptars and choose whichever colors you like! (wwd)
OCC's Top 5 Liptars: Hush, Memento, Strumpet, NSFW, and Anime

The beautiful, ageless Vanessa Williams is launching a skincare line. Everyone wants to know her secret of nice skin and her skincare regimen. On August 3rd she will share her secrets and sell her product, ReVitalistic Skincare, on QVC so the world can have access to her skin success!(wwd)
Watch QVC on Aug.3rd for the Launch of ReVitalistic Skincare

I love TopShop! Their clothes are super fashionable, affordable and trendy! But you can only shop online. But starting on September 10th, you can purchase TopShop clothing in Nordstrom Stores. I can't wait!!! (wwd)
TopShop Mannequins

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