Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Remember Ciate Caviar Nails? Well They Are Launching Velvet Manicures!

Ever since the release of the popular Ciate Caviar Nail Polish this year, everyone is rocking this fancy shmancy Caviar Polish! It is lovely by the way.  Ciate Nails is coming out with another incredible nailpolish. They are launching a velvet manicure!!

There will be 3 kits available,  Berry Poncho (deep purple),  Mink Cashmere (light gray), and Blue Suede (dark blue). It will be launching at the end of July 2012. Visit Ciate Nails website to stay updated on the release of their new velvet manicure!

I love how nail art is becoming so innovative nowadays and Ciate Nails keeps coming up with clever ways to keep our nails beautiful!  I can't wait to get my velvet manicure kit!!

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