Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Watch Kim Kardashian on Harper's Bazaar New YouTube Show, The Look!!

Today, Harpers Bazaar launched their very own show on YouTube's HelloStyle Channel called, The Look. It will be hosted and produced by Laura Brown who is the magazine's features/special projects director.

The first episode features the gorgeous Kim Kardashian doing a really fun interview as well as a fun makeup demonstration on Laura, which happens to be very funny! She talks about her first big purchase, contouring your face and how she poses to make her face look more chiseled! She talks about her style then and now and her favorite brands. Kim knows her fashion brands because she pronounces them perfectly, Givenchy (she pronounces it Gee-von-chee) and Lanvin (she pronounces it Lon-von), love it! Check out the video below! (fashionetc)

It's a really fun video getting a little bit of Kim's input on beauty and fashion! Be sure to subscribe to HelloStyle so you can stay up to date on all the upcoming videos!

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