Friday, August 3, 2012

$250,000 Nailpolish! (Yes, I'm Serious. It Exists!) Would You Buy It?

Oh yes! This nailpolish exists! And no I didn't accidentally add too many zeroes lol! This nail polish by Azature costs a whopping $250,000!!!

This bottle of black nail polish will contain 267 black diamonds! How fancy! So if you have the means to buy this nail polish, go ahead, live a little (YOLO) buy this bottle of nail polish so your nails can literally be blinged out! (Just kidding :)

For those of us that can't afford a quarter of a million dollars for nail polish, Azature is making a similar version for $25.  Now that's still a bit pricey for nail polish but it doesn't seem too bad compared to $250,000.  You can purchase the $25 bottle at Fred Segall in LA some time this month. I am not sure it will be available online but I will keep my eyes out! 

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