Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beyonce in United Nations to Tape her 'I Was Here' Video in Alexander McQueen Dress!!

Queen Bey never has to overdo her style of dress to make a statement.  And if her goal was to make sure people knew she was there, she definitely did when she visited the United Nations recently.  She was taping her video "I Was Here"supporting World Humanitarian Day. She looked stunning in her cream color Alexander McQueen Bell Sleeve Dress! (fashionbombdaily)

There was nothing flashy about her dress yet it  spoke volumes.  So feminine and lovely with effortless grace, is Queen Bey!

So if you absolutely want this Alexander McQueen bell sleeve dress it will set you back about $2395.  But Beyonce makes it a little tempting to splurge. 

Beyonce also performed while in the U.N. She posted these photos on her tumblr page. She looked perfect!

Watch her World Humanitarian Day 2012 Campaign here!

Gotta love Queen Bey!!

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