Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gabby Douglas New Hairstylist Is the Amazing Celebrity Hairstylist Ted Gibson!

Oh how I love Gabby Douglas!!! A young teenage girl winning gold medals at the 2012 Olympics, breaking records and inspiring women, men and children all across the world.  But of course people wanted to focus on her hair for whatever reason that made no sense. Anyway, she will be getting her hair done by celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson! He has done hair for Gabrielle Union, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, to name a few. His work has been seen in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan and Allure.  And now he will be adding the lovely Gabby to his clientele! (thedailybeast)

Getting you hair done by Mr. Ted Gibson could set you back at least $1000! But that's nothing to the teenage millionaire Gabby Douglas!! (You mad?) Here's a quote from Ted Gibson:

“You have this young girl doing amazing things, and the conversation becomes about her hair? It was ridiculous and shameful,” Gibson told the Beast. “I hope we can create something that’s easy and looks great no matter what she’s doing or where she is. I hope to create something that makes her feel good about herself as well.” 

I know he is going to hook her up! She was already beautiful and I know he will give her something that fits her face and give all the naysayers something else to talk about. Gabby is in good hands because this man has crazy skills! Now runteldat!! Luv you Gabby and Ted!


  1. Still talking about the hair? Every gymnast in the stadium had their hair in the same style. Slick back in a ponytail, with or without bobby pins and some with sparkles. What the heck is the problem? The only difference is that Gabby is black. No is not a racial comment or even the beginning of one. Black hair is very different that other races. Our hair draws up when it's wet or we sweat. If you spend at many hours as this young lady does in the gym, I am pretty sure you won't be concentrating on your hair. So what if she hired a stylist, permed her hair or even got some extensions. She looks wonderful and most of America wears exensions. Who cares? Even celebrities don't take the time to REALLY look at the way the look or dress before they go out in public. They spend ridiculous amounts of money on dresses that they don't look good in and they only where it once. She and the rest of the team are wonderful and beautiful girls. They deserve praise for the achievements. So many more problems in the world than someones' hair.

    1. I appreciate your input. But if you read the whole post, I am praising her for her achievements. I'm merely addressing people who had so much to say about her hair, which I never had a problem with. I'm simply saying, check get out now. Not only was she beautiful before but she will be getting her hair done by one of the best celebrity hairstylist. This post is praising her! The woke post is complimenting her, saying how much I love and am proud of this teenage millionaire. I'm basically saying, haters now run your mouth about this, because I'm sure they wish Ted Gibson would touch their hair. So read it again and see how much I praise her. But thank you again for your input.