Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspiration: 12 year old Battling Cancer Talia Joy Castellano's Makeup Tutorials on YouTube!

This beautiful little girl by the name of Talia Joy Castellano, has inspired me so much! She is battling not 1 but 2 aggressive forms of cancer.  But that does not stop this talented, bubbly, charismatic young lady from doing what she loves the most.  Making makeup tutorials on Youtube! (huffpost)

On her channel, taliajoy18, she does it all, from product reviews, looks such as "New Years Eve Looks" and the makeup artist favorite "haul" video, so she can show the recent makeup products she purchased! Check out some of her videos here! 

Such a beautiful girl who has touched my heart! Not only is she a great Makeup Artist, she is an inspiration to us all whether you do makeup or not. She shows us that no matter what our conditions are, we can still live on, rise above it and still live our dreams and reach people doing what we love! And in her case, it is makeup!! I love that she found makeup to be an outlet to showcase her creativity and talent!

Her current condition has given her 4 months to a year to live.  But with our support and prayers she will love for many many years!! 

Be sure to subscribe to her channel here, Also follow her blog, We love you Talia Joy Castellano! And keep those awesome videos of yours coming!!! 


  1. I saw her on instagram yesterday and she really touched my heart seeing all those pics with her happy and yet she is battling cancer.