Tuesday, August 14, 2012

OPI Debuts 18K Gold 'Man With the Golden Gun' Polish for James Bond Anniversary

Wowzers is all I can say!!! I am so excited about this limited edition 18K Gold  nail polish from OPI celebrating 50 years of James Bond films! (shefinds)

Apparently this nail polish will be glittery with flecks of real 18k gold leaf.  So the price will be $38 which is a lot for nail polish.  But remember that $250,000 nail polish? That one has black diamonds in it. But since that is a gazillion dollars, we can still have luxurious nails for $38!  

The release date is TBD, but word on the streets is, it's supposed to release around the upcoming James Bond movie that comes out this fall.  Can't wait for this! 

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