Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shoe Love: Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges! Plus Some Affordable Sneaker Wedges!

Isabel Marant is one of the hottest shoe designers out there!  And celebrities are swooning over her sneaker wedges!!  They're a super comfy shoe, comes in all colors and patterns and a super fashionable shoe to wear on a casual day out!

Queen Bey rocking them in practice! 
Alicia Keys rocking them at the Knicks Game.

Traci Ellis Ross rocking them on a nice day out! 
Now if you want to splurge, and get you a pair of these hot sneaker wedges, they'll run you about $700.  But if not, check out these I found that are similar and more affordable! 

SEN Wedge Sneaker by Aldo $100 (Comes in 3 other colors)

Tick Tock Wedge Sneaker by Bakers $69 (Comes in 3 other colors)
Olympiaa Wedge Sneaker by Steve Madden $99.95 (Comes in 2 other colors)
This is a trend to try for sure!! 


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