Friday, September 7, 2012

2012 Olympic Gold Winner Sanya Richards-Ross Has Great Hair! Now You Can Have Hair Like Hers!!

We all love the awesome and amazing Olympic Gold Medalist, Sanya Richards Ross!  She set world records and broke some records too!! Me being an ex track and field runner (way back in the day lol), I was so inspired by her! But I couldn't help but notice her beautiful hair! So I checked out her website  and found out that she has a hair line that sells premium virgin hair! It is called Gemini Strands!! 

Check out the different hair textures she offers! 

Naturally Curly
Naturally Wavy
Relaxer Like 
I like all of these different hair textures! Most women wear their hair in these styles anyway so it is nice that she knows the hair trends that we wear! And the prices are really good too! Very affordable for premium virgin hair! I love how not only is she an amazing athlete, she loves beauty and still manages to look like a million bucks everytime she steps on the scene! She understands that you can be serious about your career as an athlete and look fab doing it!  Check out the site, GeminiStrands and purchase yourself some hair!! You are going to love it!! 

Congrats to Sanya Richards Ross for all of her many accomplishments in the sports and beauty field!!!

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