Monday, September 10, 2012

Chris Benz Spring 2013 Collection New York Fashion Week Review!!

Chris Benz's collection is a thing of beauty!! It is reminiscent of the 60s with the flower headdress, warm color tones and the hair worn down parted in the middle. Although I was not born during the days of Twiggy, flower children and free love, this collection takes me back to that era. The shades of yellow and burgundy say 60s all over it. Especially the shade of sky blue reminds us of those suits worn at the prom during those days.  The mixing of modern and retro is genius! He incorporated wide leg pants worn under floral print skirts (flower child, 60s, etc), waist length button up tops, oversized sweaters and blazers. The mixing of patterns and colors bring his designs to life. I love how the models were very simple when it came to their hair and makeup.  He let his designs speak volumes and to it took us back to when fashion was free and took risks! I love this whole collection!Check it out!


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