Friday, September 21, 2012

"Get Your Life" by Tamar Braxton Apparel Available Now!

I am a huge fan of the very talented and larger than life Tamar Braxton!! Not only does she have a new show which premiered last night, Tamar and Vince, a beautiful voice, gorgeous hair and the best handbags, I absolutely love all of her sayings such as, "This is a!", "Oooh you went there!" and "Have several seats!"  Tamar Braxton has no problem telling you how she feels in the most illustrated way!  But the best saying of all is "Get Your Life!" A term that is universal and something we may have to tell others as well as ourselves. It even made it to the urban dictionary! (Yes really! Click here to see the official definition!) And now we can express this oh-so-necessary term fashionably thanks to Tamar!! She created "Get Your Life" apparel!!
She created a line of apparel with this term for both men and women! She has t-shirts, tank tops, sweat suits and hoodies in different colors.  You can get them with or without stones as well! Take a look at some of the "Get Your Life" gear!!
Get Your Life Tank Top
Tamar modeling a Get Your Life Sweatsuit

Men's Get Your Life T-Shirt
 She also offers shirts that say ".com" which is also the ending to some of her phrases as well!
Be sure to check out the website, and support her apparel line!!


  1. I was not in New Orleans and I would love to get my life shirt size 3X. Big girls need love to...

    1. get yours at :)

    2. The website does not have sizes larger than a small! For

    3. Awww! they must've sold out because there were sizes up to large. hopefully she restocks and gets more sizes:)

  2. I want to order a shirt but not in my size big ladies need love too 3x

  3. Big Girls need to get their life too .com

  4. I am a big girl and I want

  5. I was not in New Orleans and I would love to get my life shirt size 3X. Big girls need love to..