Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Leather Trend! Kim and Kanye Love Leather!! Will You Get With the Leather Trend This Season?

I absolutely love this Kim and Kanye as a couple! They clearly love fashion and in my opinion, they started a trend which is LEATHER!! Leather is definitely hot this season and Kim has just about every kind of clothing item in leather.  She looks great every way she has worn it, whether its casual or fancy! Kim shows us her different items in leather and how she rocks them! Go girl! 
All black leather everything! 

Leather pants!

Leather pencil skirt!

Leather dress

Leather motorcycle jacket! 

Leather A-Line skirt! 

And let's not forget Yeezy! He is the mastermind behind this leather craze!   His style is very subtle but the leather makes him stand out like no other!! (That kinda rhymes huh?!) He styles it the best and makes leather look so cool! Check out some of his leather game!

Leather pants with black blazer!

Black, red and white leather pants with white tee!!

Leather pants with simple white tee! 

Leather pants with leather kilt! 

See what I mean?! They are the leather pros!! But their leather clothing items are  really the stars of the show: leather jacket, skirt, pants, boots, dress and  handbag! These are the must have leather items for this season and they showed us different ways to wear the items!!! Will you get with the leather trend??

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