Monday, September 24, 2012

Zoya Limited Edition Gold Flake Topcoat Nailpolish Trio!

Nailpolish is evolving and getting more creative everyday!! Nailpolish designers are adding a high end twist to up the amp on their nails!  A little while ago I posted about the $250,000 Azature black diamond nailpolish and the OPI James Bond 18K Gold Nailpolish with real gold leaf for $38! Nails/nailpolish are starting to play a major role in fashion!! Zoya has jumped on the luxurious nailpolish bandwagon and they now have a nailpolish with gold leaf!
They have a new limited edition nailpolish called Guilty Pleasures with Real 18K Gold Leaf Topcoat Trio for $30!
There are 2 colors besides the 18K Goldleaf which is Purity and Raven! Or you can wear it alone. I love the way it looks! 
Zoya also offers a wide range of colors that also look great under the gold leaf topcoat!

This trio is not available yet but you can pre-order it so it can ship October 15th.  This will be a great gift and perfect for this season as well as the upcoming holidays!

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