Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cassie's Skin Care Regimen! What Skin Care Products Do You Use?

A couple days ago, the songstress Cassie, posted a picture on Instagram (@casandrae)of her flawless skin after she used some of the best skin care products from NARSskin! Now we can see how she is able to achieve that beautiful skin and natural glow of hers! 

Some of the products she used are:
Double Refining Exfoliator $34

Gentle Cream Cleanser $29

Multi-Action Hydrating Toner $32

Aqua Gel Luminous Oil Free Moisturizer $58

I can vouch for this, that NARSskin has some really great skin care products! They really do cleanse and hydrate your skin!  Have you used NARSskin products? What is your skin care regimen? 

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