Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cover Girl Lipstick Review! Romance and Hypnotic!

Fall is here and although my bright makeup colors eyeshadows and bold lipstick shades are still worn no matter the season, I still do my fair share of indulging in the Fall colors as well! I picked up 2 lipsticks today from the Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor Collection that say Fall all over them!  The 2 colors are Hypnotic and Romance! 

Hypnotic and Romance

Top: Hypnotic
Bottom: Romance

I really like both of these colors because they would compliment any skin tone.  The colors subtle yet they have a little shine and flecks of sparkle to add a little edge.  The consistency of these lipsticks are creamy and smooth.  They last for a really long time. You may have to reapply after drinking a couple cups of juice.  But other than that, the color stays put! I have a lot of colors from this collection and I recommend it to everyone!  Click here to see the complete collection! There's a shade for everyone! 

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