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My Interview With Celebrity Hairstylist and Wig Master, Terrence Davidson!!

Terrence Davidson
The larger than life rap, pop and hip hop award winning artist Nicki Minaj is someone we look to for fashion, beauty and especially breakthrough hairstyles and she never lets us down! I remember watching her documentary, My Time Now, on MTV and seeing her glam squad get her ready as she prepared to go on stage. And there he was, Terrence Davidson, adding the finishing touches to her already perfect tress! I did my research and found that he is the mastermind behind all of her highly creative, colorful, futuristic and out-of-the-box wigs. He has also done hair for Pattie LaBelle, Keyshia Cole, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Trina and many more!  He is definitely a trend setter and an iconic genius of hair.  The incomparable Wig Master, Terrence Davidson! 

Me: When did you know that being a hairstylist was the career path you wanted to follow?  
Terrence: I had no idea that I would be a hairstylist.  I started off just drawing hair designs for the girls at my school; I just loved to draw. 
 Me:  The hair pieces that you create are truly incredible, that obviously takes natural, raw talent and creative genius! What inspires the wig colors and styles that you create?  How long does it take to create your wigs?  
Terrence: My inspiration can come from anything.  I can see a picture or hear a sound and I interpret it through my wigs.  It's like an artist and his/her paintings. I really don't know; once I've started I don't come out of my wig room until I'm done.  Sometimes that can be 3 or 4 wigs later because I get in "the zone." 

Hair by Terrence
 Me:  How did you end up being Nicki Minaj's hairstylist? How has her colorful personality helped you perfect your craft as the Wig Master?
Terrence:  Nicki and I got connected through a referral. She is so beautiful and an outgoing person. I have been creating whimsical creations for over 20 years. Nicki was the perfect platform to showcase my work because she is an outside of the box thinker. I am blessed!
VMAs 2012, Hair by Terrence
Me: I have countless favorites of hairstyles that you have done for Nicki Minaj.  What is one of your favorite wigs you've designed for her? 
Terrence:  I don't a favorite hairstyle because each one brings back a great memory; but I do have an iconic look that inspired my new tool line with ONE Styling Tool which is the Cheetah print high top fade Nicki wore at the Grammy's.
Grammys 2011. Hair by Terrence
Me:  You work with a lot of celebrities who always have amazing hair for appearances and red carpet events. What are some secrets to getting those red carpet looks for the everyday woman? 
Terrence: Try a wig!! That is the best advice I can give because it allows you to find your perfect look.  It gives you room to experiment with different styles without commitment.
Super Bass Video. Hair by Terrence
Me:  When you aren't creating these amazing hair masterpieces, what do you like to do?
Terrence:  I am a homebody. I have seen so many parts of the world so when I do get a little me time I like to chill at home with my family and close friends.
Me: What is a fun fact that you can share about yourself? 
Terrence:  The Grammy look that Nicki Minaj wore was inspired by a hair style that I wore in high school.  Yes my hair was about that high lol!

'Fly' Video w/Rihanna. Hair by Terrence
Me:  If you could give every woman one valuable piece of information when it comes to hair, what would it be? 
Terrence:  Shampoo and conditioner will do the trick!! Keep it simple.
Me:  What makes you intensely happy about the world of beauty and hairstyling? 
Terrence: I'm happy that the world is recognizing artists in the Glam industry for the work that we bring to the table.  It lets me know that I'm appreciated for my creativity.
Me:  What is a piece of  advice you can give to aspiring celebrity hairstylists? 

Terrence:  Follow your dreams and remember when one door closes another door will open! Keep Pushing!

I am so inspired by Terrence!! He is a perfect example of how just doing what you love can allow you to reach your dreams more than you ever expected. Also that thinking outside of the box is always a good thing.  People who know true talent will appreciate your skill and creativity no matter what.  He has crazy skills when it comes to hair and he wants us to be able to whip our hair into shape as well. He created a hairstyling set that will equip us with the necessary tools to create fabulous hairstlyes which is the Terrence Davidson LE Combo hairstyling set with ONE Styling Tool! Click here to purchase this amazing set!!

Comes with Legacy 1" Flat Iron, Legacy Pro Hair Dryer, Concentrator, Diffuser, Comb Attachment, and as a bonus a Free Prestige 4/10"Flat Iron1
Be sure to follow Terrence on Twitter  @HairbyTerrence
Subscribe to his Facebook page at Terrence Davidson
I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to interview one of the industry's greatest hairstylist! I know he has nothing but amazing creative ideas that I know we will continue seeing on our favorite and most popular celebs! Terrence, I truly thank you for sharing this information with me so that I can share it with all of my friends! I hope he has inspired you as he has inspired me!! Sending love, support and many thanks to the Wig Master himself, Celebrity Hairstylist Terrence Davidson!!

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