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My Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler
Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler, where do I begin! So many amazing things I can say about this beautiful, warm hearted and genuine person.  I have been following Tia and her work for a long time, admiring her undeniable talent to beat a face to the gods and to simply enhance one's natural beauty.  Last year she held her first Beauty Elixir Workshop in Chicago which was hugely successful, this year she was one of the keynote speakers at The Makeup Show in Chicago which is one of the biggest makeup tradeshows and beauty education events ever, she's done countless commercials, magazine shoots, she offers beauty advice in magazines such as Essence, Juicy Magazine, Centric and if I even began to start listing her celebrity clients that she's done makeup for, you might as well get real relaxed because  her resume is extensive, she has worked with the best of the best in the entertainment industry, including none other than the  President of the United States, Barack Obama! Tia is such an amazing talent but most of all she is genuine, humble and always willing to share her priceless advice with others.  I now introduce you to the incomparable, Tia Dantzler!!  

Tia with Jennifer Hudson
Me:  Everyone who is anyone knows you're one of the best celebrity makeup artist out there. Can you tell us what was a defining moment in your career that took you over in to the category of celebrity makeup artist?

Tia: I've had so many defining moments throughout my career as an artist so I'll share a few but definitely to be continued.  When I saw my work grace the cover of a national magazine which was Sports Illustrated.  Accompanying Jennifer Hudson backstage at the Academy Awards and seeing my work on scene during her acceptance speech.  And working with President Barack Obama was definitely moments I will not soon forget.

President Obama, Grooming done by Tia
Grooming done by Tia

Me: You offer the best tips ever, as seen in magazines such as Essence and Upscale. Many celebrity makeup artists don't usually give out their tips, not for free at least. But why is it important for you to share your Tia Tips with the world? What has been  the response you've been getting in regards to the tips you offer?

Tia: I believe it's so important to reach back and help others because when I first started out I didn't have a network of people to ask so my experience has been trial and error. I'm a giver by nature and it gives me great joy to share and encourage others along the way. The response to Tiatips has been overwhelmingly great. It's brings a smile to my face when I'm asked for more Tiatips.

Tia shares her Fall beauty tips in Juicy Magazine's September 2012 Issue

Me:  Working with so many celebrities, high profile photographers, hairstylists, etc, how important is good 'on set' etiquette? Being friendly, down to earth with your celeb clients yet  maintaining your professionalism? Also how important is what you wear to photoshoots, celeb events, etc.

Tia:  Having the proper set etiquette is very important not only for your client(s) but for also receiving a call back. You have to know your place and position on set. I'm in the finishing stages of releasing my book early 2013 and I cover set etiquette because it's vital to us as artist. Should we keep it personal or professional or both is one of my favorite subjects that I wrote about in my book. I'm writing my book from my eyes and experience so I spill the beans. I would prefer professional over personal for so many reasons. On set attire should always look well put together whether you wear all black or not. This industry is very trendy so I always try to infuse my style for a fun, comfortable look.

Nene Leakes, Makeup by Tia
Me:  You did makeup for President Obama for GQ magazine. Can you tell us how that experience was for you? In addition, what are some necessary tools/products you need when doing mens makeup/grooming?

Tia: Meeting President Obama was definitely a nerve-wrecking moment however, his personality is so great that it put me at ease to re-focus and do my job. For male grooming you want to make sure to have some eye drops on hand as well as a great mattifier to combat oiliness. Also a must is a no-shine lip balm, a non-oily moisturizer, clear brow set, hand lotion, concealer & setting powder. I can't forget a setting spray to set the makeup & to keep it natural looking.
Celebrity Clients Maxwell, Jim Belushi and Mel Jackson Men's grooming/makeup done by Tia.

Tia on set with C.O.L.O.U.R.S. Male grooming by Tia

Me:  You have done so much in your career as a celebrity makeup artist and I know that you are far from over.  But as you look back on your career and all that you have done so far, what moments are the most memorable and life changing?

Tia: Seeing my career take a shift from makeup artist to beauty expert to brand ambassador has truly been rewarding.

Tia is a Brand Ambassador for the Johnson's Brand! Click here to read about her visit to their headquarters in NJ!
Me:  So you are working on a DVD! Yay! (I cannot wait!) What made you decide to work on a DVD? When will it be available to purchase? What can we expect to see or learn from your DVD? Besides your DVD, are you working on any other super cool projects that you can share with us? A new makeup line possibly? :)

Tia: God laid it on my heart to do a DVD over six years ago and I ran from the idea for as long as I could. I'm so happy that I was obedient because I can't wait to release it. The Title of my DVD is, "Tia Dantzler's Red Carpet Beauty Secrets." It's a step by step guide to a flawless look. I'm teaching techniques and sharing tips as I complete a full face. I also have a cool booklet full of red carpet tips inside the dvd as a bonus. My DVD will be ready for purchase the first of October and I will be sharing how to purchase the dvd on my twitter, facebook fan page as well as my blog in the coming weeks. I'm super excited over my book because again I get to share from the heart hopefully inspire people all over the world. Makeup line.....hmmmm stay tuned.

Mr. and Mrs Harvey. Makeup/grooming by Tia
Me:  When it comes to doing makeup, what inspires you? Who do you look to for inspiration?

Tia: I pull inspiration from so many sources such as a dress, hairstyle to the current trends. I love looking through magazines to pull inspiration as well as the mood of the event.

Malaysia Pargo from BBW LA. Makeup by Tia

Me:  If you dumped out all your products in your handbag, what cosmetic products would we find? What products can you not live without?

Tia: You would find a couple of tubes of lip balm, a bold lipstick, and blot powder. I like to keep my look fresh & simple with a bold lippy.

Tia's Lippy's, via her Instagram page tiadantzler
Me: Most makeup artists I know aspire to reach 'Celebrity Makeup Artist' one day. Can you share some tips/ words of encouragement to help us reach that status?

Tia: I started off treating regular clients like they were celebrities so when I started working with celebrities there was no difference because I aim to give every client the best experience.

Tia posing with Oprah!
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Tia is one of my most favorite people in the world!  She is someone that I look up to as a makeup artist and because she is such a wonderful person who has a load of helpful advice for those wanting to achieve the things she has done.  I hope you are just as inspired as I am from her advice, tips and her experience of being extremely successful as a makeup artist. Sending so much love and thanks to my mentor and friend, Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler!!

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