Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Day Hill!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Day Hill!!  I had the honor of interviewing Day and she is just as awesome as I thought she would be!  She has been in the industry creating flawless faces to some of our favorite celebrities! I first became aware of Day when I found out that she was the one responsible for being one of Nicki Minaj's makeup artist.  I have always loved Nicki's makeup and I remember asking friends on Twitter who her makeup artist is.  And once I found out, I had to meet Day and get her advice and insight.  She is obviously a genius with makeup application, a trend setter in the makeup industry and super down to earth.. Everyone meet Celebrity Makeup Artist, Day Hill!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Day Hill
Me:  How did you get in to makeup? Did you work at a counter? 

Day:  I started out acting and learned to do my own makeup looking at magazines. Because I went to performing arts high school,  most of my friends started asking me to do their faces for headshots or performances. After high school I began working at a counter to get money while I was pursuing my acting. Quickly I realized I loved making people feel beautiful over being in front of the camera.  

Me:  How did you start doing Nicki Minaj's makeup? What inspires the looks you do for her? What products did you use on her because her skin always looks flawless? 

Day: I was introduced to Nicki Minaj by Shanell of Young Money. Shanell and I attended performing arts school together. Shout out to Tri-Cities School of the Visual and Performing Arts!  Her look was derived directly from Nicki's personality. Every client I have I aim to make them their own individual. Nicki is fun and colorful and I happen to live for color.   Nicki and I played with several products but she had a natural love for MAC and I happen to have been a MAC artist for a few years so we favored MAC. As far as creating the flawless look I believe it had to do more with the technique and application than the specific products.  But for the Pink Friday cover we used MAC Studio Tech,  MAC Sheer Pressed Powder, Pink Swoon and Desert Rose Blushes, and MAC Backtrack Gel Eyeliner. Those products were definitely staples to her signature look. 

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Album Cover, Makeup Done by Day Hill

Me: You are definitely changing the game when it comes to makeup. On YouTube, so many people try to recreate the looks that you have done on Nicki. How do you feel about having such a powerful impact on makeup application?

Day:  I'm amazed at the impact of what Nicki and I created! I knew when we started that she would help me take make to another place but I didn't know the complete impact it would make. I saw that the industry wasn't using much color in their glamour and I wanted to change that.I wanted to bring the fun that Nicki gave to music to her face while maintaining a sense of glamour. 

Me: What are some makeup products that you can't live without? If you dumped out your purse what makeup products would we see? 

Day:  I love HD Powder by Make Up For Ever , MAC Air rush , DiorShow Mascara By Dior,  Ruby Woo by MAC, Dirty Plum blush by MAC,  Tea tree Oil,  MAC Mineralized Skinfinsh,  MAC Fix + and ALL of my brushes!!!

Chili from TLC, Makeup by Day Hill
Me:  What's the best part about being a celebrity makeup artist? How has it changed your life?

Day:  The best part is having the opportunity to influence trend. It's amazing to be apart of an industry that you've looked up to your whole life and not to only be apart but to help influence. Hey what can I say.  God is GREAT!

Photoshoot with Marlo Hampton from Real Housewives of ATL
Me: Do you have any special things coming up as far as your career goes? Possible makeup line? Do you offer classes? 

Day:  Right now along with working on clients, I'm focusing on giving back. I'm working with young girls around Atlanta and teaching them grooming, makeup, and business. It's all about giving back now! As far as makeup lines, there are talks of it, stay tuned! Classes yes! I offer one on one, group classes, and advanced makeup classes. 

Day Hill instructing at one of her workshops. 
Me: What advice would you give to makeup artists trying to get their foot in the door?

Day:  To up and coming makeup artists learn the business. It's just as important as the art. Also make sure that you maintain integrity, continue to learn, and make moves that strengthen the community that you work in (makeup) and not just for one self. Last but not  least, love what you do and your clients and God will surely let you reap the rewards. 

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I just want to send a very special thank you to the amazing Day Hill!  She is such a cool person who shared so much with me and it means so much!  She offered some great advice that will help me grow as a Makeup Artist and it will help others as well.  She is so talented and I know she has nothing but amazing things to come in her future!!  Sending so much love and thanks to Celebrity Makeup Artist, Day Hill!!


  1. She's simply amazing. Her work is amazing and flawless. The faith she has in God is even better. She's such an inspiration.

    1. yes you're absolutely right! She was a pleasure to interview!